Lenz Sales and Distributing turns 27!

Recently we spoke with Tom Lenz, the president of Lenz Sales and Distributing on the 27th anniversary of his company. We’d like to share the story of this great refrigerant distributor, because it’s a very inspirational one and also because we think you’d like to know more about the refrigerant distributor we recommend most! Let’s … Read more

R-421A Refrigerant Facts & Info Sheet

R-421A is a highly efficient hydrofluorocarbon that is a drop-in replacement for R22 refrigerant. It consists of 2 components; that is, 58% of R-125 and 42% of R-134A. The refrigerant blend came into existence at a time when governments had signed a treaty to eliminate ozone-depleting refrigerants. Although R22 had a low impact on the … Read more