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The Fieldpiece MR45 Recovery Machine is one of the most highly rated refrigerant recovery units you’ll find on the market. And today we’d like to tell you what this product is all about. Because let’s face it. When choosing a recovery machine for your HVAC repairs and services, going for a durable and efficient unit makes all the difference. And that’s what this product provides to any professional technician.

But why is this recovery machine one of the most sought-after amongst many?

We did our research on this product and did some tests on it to see how it would benefit any professional technician today. And, to be honest, working with the Fieldpiece MR45 is such a fantastic experience. It’s portable, has a 1HP power rating AND comes with a digital gauge – most recovery machines use manual gauges.

You’ll learn a lot about this product in this article from the brand that manufacturers it, its product features, pros, and cons. So, let’s jump right into it.


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Most buyers want to know what kind of company they’ll be working with before purchasing a product, especially when they are about to invest hundreds of dollars for a product they think would solve their problems/needs. It’s the reason why we always love reviewing the brand that manufacturers the product before discussing the features of any product in most of our reviews.

So why Fieldpiece?

First, the company has been in business since 1990. They focus on producing a wide range of HVAC tech tool products, including electrical meters, leak detectors like the SRL2K7, manometers, combustion tools, and HVAC tools such as tool bags, pocket tools, accessory heads, etc.

We also loved the kind of support Fieldpiece offers to its users. Once you buy their products, you’ll get 24/7 assistance from their customer support, access to numerous video tutorials on their YouTube channel, FAQs for the specific product, and a user manual for the particular product you buy. They also offer warranties and replacements. Ensure you register the product as soon as you purchase it to activate the warranty.

Product Features

I had a lot to learn when reviewing the Fieldpiece MR45. Here are some vital features I found in this unit.

Let’s start with what’s inside the package. You’ll find a 22-pound recovery machine, mesh screens for the input port, O-rings for the input port, and an operator’s manual. The device also has a one-year warranty.

The unit itself comes with a durable and rugged molded case, which I admired. At the front, you’ll see a digital display screen with four controls, including the start/stop button to operate the motor, the cancel alarm button to mute the current alarm, units to indicate pressure and vacuum units, and the zero button. It also has a blue backlight to help you see the display in dark environments. The screen displays the input and output pressure. It will also show the status icon and messages such as when it’s on mute and when the motor is moving and when it’s not.

Fieldpiece MR45 Control Panel

At the top, you’ll find the control valve and a carry handle (with a power cord storage) to help you carry the machine with ease, especially if you will be climbing on roofs. The control valve has three settings: self-purge, recovery, and closed.

On the side of the unit, you’ll find the two input and output valves. Use the mesh screen filter to prevent refrigerant contaminants from entering the machine.

Inside the machine, you’ll find a ceramic cylinder and a twin-cylinder compressor, which is oil-less. It also features a micro channel condenser to enhance the rotation of the motor up to 3000 RPMs and its power rating to 1HP.


We loved the construction quality of this product. The molded case is durable, prevents the unit from breaking, and is usable in different weather conditions, even in the rain. Note that its temperature operating range is between 32°F to 122°F. You can also store it in an environment with a temperature range of -4°F to 140°F.

Here’s a video showing you how durable this unit is:

Further, this unit is portable, light, and comes with a carry handle. If you have to climb up the roof, go into a basement, or move the unit in tight spaces, you won’t have problems carrying it. Also, since it can function in voltages between 95 and 130VAC, you can set it up in areas where a power surge can happen at any time. If the voltage exceeds 130V, the machine will alert you on the display screen, and the motor won’t move. Which makes it safe to use.

And speaking of safety, this machine has an auto-shut-off function. Once the recovery process is over, the machine will shut down everything. You can therefore leave it to do the recovery on its own without worrying about overfilling your refrigerant tank.

If you want to recover refrigerants in a commercial HVAC, this unit will get the job done and quick. It comes with a power rating of up to 1HP (recommended horsepower for large projects) and a pressure rating that can go up to 600 psi. Normally, most recovery machines have a recommended pressure rating of 500 to 550 psi. The MR45 recovery machine will also recover large amounts of refrigerant in a short time, thanks to the micro channel condenser, which is massive. Its motor also rotates at high speeds of 3000 RPMs – a value above typical recovery machines in the market.

If you are wondering how many refrigerants this unit can recover, well, it can recover most of the high-pressure refrigerants in the market today. The unit comes with an oil-less compressor and a self-purge feature, which is why it’s one of the priciest options right now. Both features allow you to remove the remaining refrigerant out of the unit once you finish recovering.

You also don’t have to worry about using manual gauges for any job since the unit will display the input and output pressure on the digital display screen. I find them easy to use, especially if you are going to read the pressure values from a distance. By the way, the Fieldpiece MR45 Recovery Machine has a pressure sensor accuracy of ± 0.5 “Hg (Vacuum) ± (0.6% of reading +2 psig).

I also enjoyed using the user manual. It’s an elaborate document with all the details on how to effectively use this product. And finally, this product has EPA and AHRI certification; hence, you can be sure that it won’t leak the refrigerant into the air during recovery. Read this article to understand why refrigerant recovery is important.


To be honest, the MR45 stands out quite well if you compare it with other products. However, I cannot hesitate to mention a few weaknesses, including the warranty. A one-year warranty for this price tag is relatively short. Although the machine is durable, let’s face it. A minor issue arising after the first year can be frustrating, especially since it requires you to buy another unit.

Additionally, the product descriptions are quite technical. For someone who’s learning about refrigerant recovery machines for the first time, understanding all the terms in an instant can be a problem. If you have already taken the course, though, understanding the different terms used for this unit shouldn’t be a problem.


That’s all you need to know about the Fieldpiece MR45 Recovery Machine. It’s quite a durable unit, and it’s worth its price. Although the warranty is short, don’t worry. It doesn’t break down easily. I am yet to see a reviewer complaining that it does.

We would recommend it for seasoned experts who want refrigerant recovery machines they can use for large recovery projects in commercial buildings. The device will drain and charge the HVAC system’s refrigerant quickly in liquid and vapor states. Furthermore, it’s oil-less. Many technicians prefer oil-less because they provide clean air supply.

If you would like to buy it or know more about the product, head over to its Amazon Buy Page via this link.

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