Do I Need to Recharge my Air Conditioner?

How does it work?

There is a very common misconception out there when it comes it air conditioners. I don’t care if it is an air conditioner at your home, your car, or even your office. A lot of people think that air conditioners need to be routinely recharged with refrigerant. I believe they see it almost like oil … Read more

Are AC Recharge Kits Worth It?

I can imagine that if you are reading this then it is in the dead of summer and it is ninety degrees outside or maybe even hotter. I can also imagine that you turned on your car the other day, cranked on the air conditioning, and then groaned in frustration when you realized that it … Read more

Product Review: Interdynamics (AF-22) Arctic Freeze R-134a Ultra Synthetic Refrigerant with Recharge Hose and Gauge – 22 oz.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Today on RefrigerantHQ we will be doing another one of our product reviews. Today’s lucky product of choice is Interdynamics’ AF-22 Arctic Freeze R-134a refrigerant recharge kit. Now, I am sure most of you are familiar with these types of products. They can be a lifesaver in the dead heat … Read more