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Hello, this is Alec Johnson owner and creator of RefrigerantHQ. I created this website in the spring of 2015 as a hobby. I was first introduced to the refrigerant industry back in 2007. I had worked as a corporate buyer for a heavy duty dealership chain. At the time one of my responsibilities was purchasing and coordinating the HFC R-134a that was used within the company and its various locations. Each spring we would buy five or six trailer-loads of R-134a in anticipation of  upcoming season.

Before the bulk purchasing could be done I had to do my homework. I had to determine where the market was at, what it was expected to do, and who out of all of the refrigerant distributors out there had the best price. As you can imagine, this took a lot of research but it had to be done to ensure that I received the best and most competitive price. It was during this time that I began to notice just how much potential there was within the refrigerant industry.

In 2014 I decided to try my first solo venture. I negotiated pricing with a larger refrigerant distributor and began selling refrigerant online through my own website as well as on Amazon and Ebay. This went well for the first few months of business but I eventually had to end it due to it not being sustainable. This was due to two reasons. The first was that I had modeled my business as a drop-ship company. I was not physically stocking any product. This eventually came back to bite me as the distributor imposed a minimum order on me. This prevented most of my sales and forced me to physically stock their product.

The other factor that led to the closure of this business was time. When I had started this in 2014 I was still working full time and my daughter was an infant. It was a very difficult time to manage a growing business as well. I was getting customer calls during the day and I could not answer them. Couple that with having to stock product at my house as well and it was a perfect storm. I shut things down for a while to evaluate. I just did not have the time to continue with a full distribution business. But, I did not like the idea of abandoning the refrigerant industry. There seemed to be so much potential. There had to be another way I could be part of the industry.


After some time I came up with the idea of It was to be an industry resource. It would contain informational articles on various refrigerants as well as upcoming news and or regulations. Over the years the site has grown exponentially and has taken me in many directions that I had never imagined. One of these directions is consulting. Since the founding of the website I have been introduced to a variety of contacts within the industry. Most of them have been here within the United States but in recent years I have also begun working with folks internationally.

The nature of these relationships and contacts varies. In some cases they alert me to news stories or potential articles and in other cases I am answering their questions, providing insight for their business, creating market reports, among many other topics. This industry is ever evolving and it can be difficult to keep up. I do my best by reading every bit of refrigerant information I come across and by also reaching out to my contacts for any industry breaking news.

With each passing year the site grows and so does my knowledge of the industry and my list of contacts. Chances are if I do not know the answer to your question that I can find it out either through research or by leveraging one of my industry contacts. If you wish to use our consulting services please fill out the form below with what you are looking for. I will get back to you as soon as possible with some additional questions as well as a quote.

    Thanks for visiting,

    Alec Johnson