RefrigerantHQ’s Preferred R-134a AC Recharge Kits

The other day I wrote a few articles about R-134a air conditioner recharge kits. As I have stated in these other articles at first I was skeptical of these products. They seemed like a waste of money but after doing my research I have found that these products are the exact opposite. In fact, these AC recharge kits will actually end up saving you money if you find your vehicle is blowing warm air on a summer’s day.

Why is that? Well folks if your car is blowing warm air that means that at the minimum you have a leak in your system where the refrigerant is escaping. Worst case you could have a failed compressor or some other major parts failure. Here is where the recharge kits come in handy. If you were to take your car to a shop and have them diagnose and repair your air condoning system you could be looking at an over one-thousand dollar bill depending on what was found. But, if you use one of these 134a recharge kits you only spend about thirty dollars, you charge your system, and then you see if your car begins to blow cold air. If it doesn’t and is still blowing hot then by all means take it to the shop and get it repaired. However, if you recharge and find it’s blowing cold air again you may have just fixed your problem for the season.

Why is that? Well, yes your system still has a leak in it but it could be a VERY small leak. The leak could be so small that your refrigerant could last the entire summer season before it starts blowing hot air again. These types of leaks are usually focused in the hose or around an o-ring. While, yes, it’s a problem it is a problem that can be put off and patched for the season. I like this idea for the guys who are cheap or low on funds and need some cold air. I will mention though that there is a point where you will need to break down and take it to the shop. If you’ve recharged your system and a week later it’s blowing hot air again then you have a bigger problem that will need to be looked at.

All that being said, let’s take a look at RefrigrantHQ’s top picks for r-134a AC recharge kits. Now either one of these products are solid and will provide you with cold blowing air, unless there is something else wrong with your air conditioning system. I personally favor the A/C Pro brand over the Interdynamics.

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Lastly, if you are going to be doing this kind of repair to your car please be sure to follow all of the necessary instructions. In fact here at RefrigerantHQ we have wrote out a step by step guide on this exact process.