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Today, we would like to review one of the most highly rated refrigerant recovery machines on Amazon, the JIFETOR AC Refrigerant Recovery Machine. When looking for the best recovery units on Amazon, you might have bumped into this product. The machine has a 4.8 rating, with most of its buyers commenting that they had an incredible experience using it.

For me, this is not a surprise. Sometimes, the products that shine most, especially on Amazon, come from uncommon brands. People tend to appreciate these products, especially since most of them are affordable and still offer solutions to buyers’ needs.

But for an HVAC technician looking for a reliable recovery machine, you might doubt whether this unit is worth the money since it doesn’t come from one of the reliable brands you know. Questions like, “Will it break down after using it for a few times?” or “How long does it take to recover refrigerant?” might crop up.

We put this unit to the test to see how it functions. And today, we would like to give you the ins and outs of this product. We hope that, by the end of this article, you should have all the information you require to know whether it’s a quality option or not.


Before I buy any product, I like doing a bit of research on the brand – the company that produces the products. Most manufacturers nowadays usually provide in-depth information about a product, the warranty, the best ways to use it, and documentation such as warranties, FAQs, and video tutorials online.

I tried to search the official manufacturer’s website of this product on Google, and unfortunately, there’s nothing much you can find about the brand. They don’t have a website or social media presence, just the Amazon Store. The only information I found is that Jifetor is a trademark of Hefei Jifeng Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd, which is a company in China – I believe.

On the other hand, the Amazon store has over 30 automotive and HVAC tools for residential and commercial use. Some of the products they produce include manifold gauges, vacuum brakes, radiator pressure leakages, etc. We noted that most of the products they sell also have a high rating.

All products come with a detailed operating manual in the package; however, you may not find a downloadable option online. They provide a 1-year warranty, where they can replace fittings for free. They also have a 30-day full refund policy as long as the product you bought is undamaged.

Product Features

JIFETOR AC Refrigerant Recovery Machine features

I received this product as a package that contained the JIFETOR AC Refrigerant Recovery Machine, a filter dryer, a connecting hose, a detachable power cord supply, a spare o-ring, a filter screen, and a detailed operating manual.

The machine itself is light and portable. It weighs 13.5 kgs and measures 15 X 9 x 14 inches. The orange outer shell is a molded case, which enhances its durability. It also has a comfortable handle at the top, and the detachable power cord connects to the unit at the back. Non-slip foot pads are also located at the bottom to provide stability and reduce friction.

The recovery machine’s control panel sits at the front of the device. It comprises of:

  • A power switch at the top
  • A circuit breaker below it
  • Input and output gauges
  • Metal knob with a recover slow, recover fast, purge, and off functions
  • Inlet and outlet ports

Below the inlet and outlet ports is the single-cylinder condenser (which is large) and a fan. The compressor sits behind it and is oil-less. It also has a motor that has a speed of 1750 RPMs.

The unit also has a power rating of ¾ HP and a pressure rating between 377 PSI and 550 PSI. Note also that it operates within the range of 110 to 120V. If the maximum current is above 7A, the circuit breaker will shut off the system.


Jifetor's Recovery MethodsSo how well does this Jifetor Recovery Machine operate? In our opinion, it does quite a good job. We didn’t have problems setting it up. You can use it to recover refrigerants in liquid or vapor form. For large quantities, you can use the push-pull method. If you don’t know how to set it up during the recovery process, you can check the user manual to see how to do it.

The recovery machine also recovers all types of refrigerants, whether CFC, HFC, or HCFC. One feature that facilitates this is the oil-less compressor. Such compressors are efficient for people who would like to reuse their machines to refill different types of refrigerants. Remember, oil in the compressor lubricates the refrigerants but can add impurities to other refrigerants if you reuse it to recover another refrigerant. On the other hand, you shouldn’t use this machine to recover flammable refrigerants such as propane.

Also, since the manufacturer provides a filter screen and a dryer, no amount of impurities will find their way into the compressor.

How quickly does the unit recover refrigerants?

This machine has a ¾ HP (or 0.75). Recovery machines with a power rating between 0.5 to 1 HP will recover refrigerants quickly. They are also recommended for commercial settings or recovering HVAC systems with large refrigerant volumes.  The Jifetor AC Recovery Machine should recover both vapor and liquid refrigerants within a few minutes, especially for small residential units.

Additionally, the machine can operate in high temperature conditions since it has a large condenser. It also has a fan, which cools the condenser in those extreme conditions.

In terms of safety, we believe this unit has everything it requires for safe recovery. For instance, the circuit breaker will turn off the system if the voltage exceeds 120. Additionally, it has a shut-off mechanism that will turn off everything if the pressure exceeds 550 PSI or goes below the 377 mark.

The self purge also allows the machine to clean itself up after recovery. It ensures that no refrigerant residues remain in the unit.

Other benefits we noted include:

  • The unit is portable – if you are carrying it for long, you won’t get tired since it has a comfortable handle and it’s lightweight
  • I also find it durable since it can operate in extreme weather conditions
  • Reading the pressure on the gauges was so easy. You can read it from far.
  • The user manual in the package is also user friendly


What are some of the challenges you should expect when working with this unit? Compared to other commercial refrigerant recovery units in the market, I find this refrigerant machine a bit slow for commercial recovery. Some reviewers on Amazon also complained about this issue when they set the machine in ‘purge’ mode.

Additionally, I think Jifetor should invest in a quality website to enhance customer service/support. Even though you can refer to the user manual for assistance, it’s difficult to know about the product registration, warranty, and customer support in case of any issue. Also, the Amazon Store doesn’t provide efficient information.


So is the JIFETOR AC worth the money? At the time of writing, this product costs around $400 (note that the prices can change any time). In our opinion, this product is worth the money.

JIfetor does well in coming up with a product that operates as exceptionally as some expensive models in the market. If you are an HVAC technician looking for a budget-friendly recovery machine for a residential and commercial HVAC system, this unit should do the job effectively. You’ll be able to recover refrigerants quickly and reuse it.

If you’d like to buy this recovery machine, head to the Amazon Buy Page.

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