Refrigerant Sales Restriction: Yes or No?

Yes and No

Most of you are familiar with what’s known as the Refrigerant Sales Restriction. This restriction comes directly from the Environmental Protection Agency and aims at preventing novices and do-it-yourselfers from purchasing and handling refrigerant. By preventing these laymen from handling refrigerants we in theory shrink the amount of refrigerant that is leaked into the atmosphere. … Read more

Supreme Court Turns Down HFC Refrigerant Case

The blows to a national HFC phase down plan just keep coming. It was announced today that the Supreme Court would NOT be reviewing the HFC Refrigerant court case. This appeal to the Supreme Court was the last resort to those companies and organizations who wished to see the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2015 SNAP Rule … Read more

EPA to Remove HFC Refrigerant Leak Regulations

Well folks it has been a hell of a few weeks in the refrigerant industry. The past few months have been rather quiet and then we get all of this news all at once. It always amazes me how fast this stuff can happen. Just a few days ago the Environmental Protection Agency announced that … Read more

States Phasing Down HFCs & The Pricing Impact

United States Climate Alliance

After the past few weeks of various States announcing their plans to phase out HFC refrigerants and the expectation of more States to follow it got me thinking about how these changes will end up affecting the pricing of HFC refrigerants across the country. The worse thing that can happen is for us to fall into … Read more

Maryland & Connecticut Joining HFC Phase Down

United States Climate Alliance

Last week I wrote about New York announcing their plans to phase down HFC refrigerants over the coming years. This announcement came shortly after California finalized their HFC phase down law at the end of last month. Shortly after I wrote that article two more States announced that they would be phasing down HFC refrigerants … Read more

What Are HFC Refrigerants?

What Is It?

HFCs, or HydroFluroCarbons, are a commonly used refrigerant classification used across the globe. Some of the most common HFC refrigerants that you may have heard of are R-134a, R-404A, R-410A, R-125, and R-32. These refrigerants are used in a variety of applications from automotive, to home air conditioners, all the way to industrial refrigeration. In … Read more

New York & California Enforcing HFC Phase Outs

New York

Well ladies and gentlemen like dominoes in a line we now have a second state coming forward with their own HFC refrigerant phase down laws. At the end of last month we had California make their HFC phase down bill become official when their legislate voted in favor on August 30th. This new law known … Read more

The Falling Price of R-410A

Well folks, it seems that we’re having the opposite problem that we had last year. Around this time last year 410A was going for around two-hundred dollars a cylinder depending on who you were buying from. Many consumers and business owners alike were having sticker shock upon seeing the price on a cylinder of 410A. … Read more

When Will R-410A Be Phased Out?

Let me preface this article by saying that this information is as of today, December 14th, 2017. This information may change in the future as it usually does but the facts that I present here are what is known today. In the summer of 2015 the Environmental Protection Agency added a new rule to their … Read more

R-410A Refrigerant History

To understand the history of 410A and the other refrigerants we first have to go back in time to the 1980’s. Back then all automotive applications were using the CFC R-12 refrigerant for their air conditioning and all residential air-conditioner units were using R-22. These two refrigerants, R-12 and R-22, were the original mainstream refrigerants … Read more

R-410A Refrigerant Frequently Asked Questions

R-410A has been around for nearly ten years now but there are still so many questions asked about it that I thought I would take the time and put together a quick frequently asked question post. The goal of this is to provide you answers on some of the most common questions and hopefully on … Read more

R-410A Tools Buyers Guide

R-410A has been around for nearly ten years now and it is now becoming a standard refrigerant for a residential technician to deal with. That being said there are still instances where people are using the wrong tools on an R-410A air conditioning unit. 410A, or Puron, operates at a much much higher pressure than … Read more

Potential Replacements for R-410A – An In-Depth Look

Alternatives to R-410A?

Rather you like it or not folks R-410A will be going away and it’s going to be happening a lot sooner than everyone thinks. In 2015 the Environmental Protection Agency announced that they will beginning the initial steps of phasing out R-404A in July of 2016, January 2017, and 2018. Along with that they also … Read more

2017 Refrigerant Pricing Predictions

Well ladies and gentlemen it’s that time of year again. The time of year when a cold wind blows, the temperature doesn’t rise above thirty degrees, and snow flurries fall from the sky. What better time than now than to talk about refrigerant? It’s the slowest point in the season and it seems that when … Read more