HFOs & CO2 to Power 2022 Olympics


It was announced today that the 2022 Olympics that will be held in Beijing will be using a combination of R-744 Carbon Dioxide refrigerant and an HFO refrigerant known as R-449A. In both instances this will be the first time that China has used these alternative more environmentally friendly refrigerants. R-744 will be used for … Read more

Kigali Amendment Goes Into Effect Without US Support

Kigali Amendment

Just over two years ago there was a final meeting on what is known today as the ‘Kigali Amendment.’ This amendment added to the existing Montreal Protocol. As you all know, the Montreal Protocol originated in the 1980’s and aimed at phasing down CFC and HCFC refrigerants. This phase out aimed at stopping any further … Read more

What of the Kigali Amendment?

Kigali Amendment

Just over two years ago was the 28th meeting of the Montreal Protocol. This event was held in Kigali, Rwanda and one of the highest priority topics was tackling the phase down of HFC refrigerants such as R-134a, R-404A, and R-410A. These HFC refrigerants have an extremely high Global Warming Potential that contribute greatly to … Read more

States Against Loosening HFC Regulations

United States Climate Alliance

Back in September of this year the Environmental Protection Agency announced that they would be removing their HFC rule that went in place back in September of 2016. This rule, which can be found by clicking here, applied Section 608 CFC/HCFC leak controls and regulations to appliances using HFC refrigerants that contained over fifty pounds of … Read more

New York & California Enforcing HFC Phase Outs

New York

Well ladies and gentlemen like dominoes in a line we now have a second state coming forward with their own HFC refrigerant phase down laws. At the end of last month we had California make their HFC phase down bill become official when their legislate voted in favor on August 30th. This new law known … Read more

Thirteen Senators Pushing for Kigali Amendment

Last month I wrote an article about a study that was done on the effects the Kigali Amendment would have within the United States. The study which was called the ‘Economic Impacts of US Ratification of the Kigali Amendment,’ was funded and sponsored by two groups: The Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy and the Air-Conditioning, … Read more

Honeywell Pushes to Have Supreme Court Review HFC Phase Down

Well folks the battle between Arkema/Mexichem and Chemours/Honeywell wages on! Everyone thought it was over towards the end of January when a US court rejected an appeal filed by Honeywell and Chemours. I won’t get into all of the history here as many of you are readers and already know what I’m talking about. The … Read more

Senators Introduce Bill To Phase Out HFC Refrigerants

Last week a new bill was introduced into the Senate. This bill called ‘The American Innovation and Manufacturing Act,’ aims to give the power back to the Environmental Protection Agency. To understand this bill you have to know the history behind it and what has taken place over the past year. Towards the end of the … Read more

Appeal is Likely on HFC Federal Court Ruling

Last week a Federal Court in Washington, D.C. ruled against the Environmental Protection Agency’s ruling of planned phase-out of HFC refrigerants. This phase-out was announced by the EPA in 2015 and it’s goal was to have most, if not all, HFC refrigerants completely phased out in the United States by 2030. They were going to … Read more

Federal Court Strikes Down EPA’s Phase-Out of HFC Refrigerants

Greetings everyone! I welcome you this weekend to breaking news in the refrigeration world. On August 8th, just a few days ago, a Federal Court in Washington D.C. ruled against the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed phase-out of HFC refrigerants. The lawsuit against the EPA and federal government was brought by one of the largest manufacturers of … Read more

Potential Replacements for R-410A – An In-Depth Look

Alternatives to R-410A?

Rather you like it or not folks R-410A will be going away and it’s going to be happening a lot sooner than everyone thinks. In 2015 the Environmental Protection Agency announced that they will beginning the initial steps of phasing out R-404A in July of 2016, January 2017, and 2018. Along with that they also … Read more