Maryland & Connecticut Joining HFC Phase Down

United States Climate Alliance

Last week I wrote about New York announcing their plans to phase down HFC refrigerants over the coming years. This announcement came shortly after California finalized their HFC phase down law at the end of last month. Shortly after I wrote that article two more States announced that they would be phasing down HFC refrigerants … Read more

What Are HFC Refrigerants?

What Is It?

HFCs, or HydroFluroCarbons, are a commonly used refrigerant classification used across the globe. Some of the most common HFC refrigerants that you may have heard of are R-134a, R-404A, R-410A, R-125, and R-32. These refrigerants are used in a variety of applications from automotive, to home air conditioners, all the way to industrial refrigeration. In … Read more

New York & California Enforcing HFC Phase Outs

New York

Well ladies and gentlemen like dominoes in a line we now have a second state coming forward with their own HFC refrigerant phase down laws. At the end of last month we had California make their HFC phase down bill become official when their legislate voted in favor on August 30th. This new law known … Read more

R-134a Refrigerant History

R-134a Refrigerant

In order to understand the full history of R-134a we first have to look at it’s predecessor. Before R-134a there was R-12. R-12 was one of first mainstream refrigerants used throughout the world. In fact, R-12 is where the brand name of Freon comes from. In order to trace back it’s origins we have to … Read more

R-134a Frequently Asked Questions

R-134a Refrigerant

R-134a is one of the most commonly used refrigerants in the world. It can be found under nearly hood but there are so many questions about it that I thought I would take the time today and do a quick question and answer session for our readers. If I missed anything in here or if … Read more

R-134a Refrigerant Facts & Info Sheet

R-134a Refrigerant

R-134a is the most commonly used refrigerant for automotive applications rather it be your twenty year old Toyota Camry or your Kenworth T-200 semi-truck. Ever since 1993 R-134a has been the staple refrigerant for automotive applications. Before 93 we used R-12 for our vehicles and now, as I write this article in 2018, there is … Read more

How Do I Get An R-134a License?

How does it work?

Most of you know by now that as of January 1st, 2018 end users are no longer able to purchase thirty pound cylinders without being licensed with the Environmental Protection Agency. This change was very similar to the purchase restrictions on other refrigerants such as R-22, R-12, and R-502. These regulations were put in place … Read more

R-134a Going Down in Price for 2018 Summer?

Well folks I’m back and doing another prediction on R-134a pricing for this upcoming season. Over the past few months I have written a few articles on this topic. The first, which can be found here, stated that the R-134a price would stay relatively stable through the winter and into the spring and summer seasons.  … Read more

Can I Buy R-134a Cans Without a License in 2018?

Some of you may be slightly confused by the new refrigerant sales restriction that went into effect on January, 1st 2018. This new rule prevented users from purchasing HFC refrigerants such as R-410A, R-404A, and R-134a unless they were certified with the Environmental Protection Agency. This was quite the change as in 2017 and all … Read more

R-134a Prices Going Up & Up in December 2017

Well folks, I’m already striking out on my prediction for R-134a pricing for next year. I wrote an article towards the beginning of this month stating that the price of R-134a would remain rather stable over the winter and into the summer of 2018. Lo and behold, two major refrigerant distributors announced significant increases in … Read more

When Will R-134a Be Phased Out?

Let me preface this article by saying that this information is as of today, December 14th, 2017. This information may change in the future as it usually does but the facts that I present here are what is known today. In the summer of 2015 the Environmental Protection Agency added a new rule to their … Read more

Does R-134a Have a Phase Out Date?


Hello folks, this is an old article from 2016. Please check out our update on the R-134a phase out date. Thanks for reading! The answer is yes… and no. This one is kind of tricky. R-134a is not going out the same way the CFCs and HCFCs went. (R-12 & R-22.) These types of refrigerants … Read more

What are the Details on the R-134a Tarriffs?

Tariff's on R-134a Refrigerant from China

Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, by now I’m sure most of you are confused on exactly what is happening with the potential tariffs on R-134a refrigerant. Well, rest assured, I am confused as well. When there is confusion on a topic what better way to resolve it then by diving into it and doing some research? … Read more

2017 Refrigerant Pricing Predictions

Well ladies and gentlemen it’s that time of year again. The time of year when a cold wind blows, the temperature doesn’t rise above thirty degrees, and snow flurries fall from the sky. What better time than now than to talk about refrigerant? It’s the slowest point in the season and it seems that when … Read more