North America’s Amendment on HFCs

North America Refrigerant Phase Out

In May of 2014 Mexico, Canada, and North America submitted an amendment request on the Montreal Protocol.  The amendment suggested the phase down and eventual phase out of HFC refrigerants for all nations that had signed the Montreal Protocol. The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty that went into effect in January 1st, 1989. The … Read more

European Union Moving Towards Phaseout of HFCs

EU Phasing out HFCs

It seems that the Europeans Union does everything  first before the United States lately. Up until about five years ago nobody in America had heard of Diesel Exhaust Fluid for diesel applications.  Europe had been using Diesel Exhaust Fluid for years and it finally came to America due to government mandate. Why am I bringing … Read more

Is Brand Important?

HoneyWell & DuPont Teamup on 1234YF

Does Brand Matter When Buying Refrigerants? It really depends on who you talk to in the industry. Some swear by American Made Refrigerant only, others are all about price and say that there is little or no difference in the foreign products. You always hear about people who will only buy American Made products but … Read more

What is the Future of R-134A?

The future of R-134A is anything but certain. There have been a lot of changes towards R-134A in 2014 and there are many more to come in 2015. Mexi-Chem and Their Law-Suit Towards the end of 2013 a refrigerant manufacturing company called Mexi-Chem filed a law-suit under the International Trade Commission.  The suit was filed … Read more

Tariffs on Chinese Imported R-134A Refrigerant

There was a decision today made on MexiChem’s case of anti-dumping on R-134A Refrigerant by the International Trade Commission. The gist of MexiChem’s case is that the Chinese Refrigerant is being imported in such quantity and at such a low price that it prevents American companies from competing. They filed a lawsuit to the ITC … Read more

Obama Pushing Phase-Out of R-134A

First and foremost, I’m going to try and keep Politics out of this. It doesn’t matter how I feel about this administration. The changes coming are going to affect the Refrigerant industry significantly. Today it was announced by the Obama administration that they are going to be pushing for the phase-out of R-134A Refrigerant. R-134A … Read more

R-134A Refrigerant

Bulk Purchasing Interested in bulk purchasing? Are you looking at purchasing one pallet, two, three, or even a trailerload? Visit our bulk purchasing page for more details! R-134a Product Details Just as R-22 was phased out residential and commercial units R-12 freon was phased out of the automotive market. R-134A is it’s replacement. R-134A has … Read more