Thirteen Senators Pushing for Kigali Amendment

Last month I wrote an article about a study that was done on the effects the Kigali Amendment would have within the United States. The study which was called the ‘Economic Impacts of US Ratification of the Kigali Amendment,’ was funded and sponsored by two groups: The Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy and the Air-Conditioning, … Read more

Koldfront Window Air Conditioners

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! It’s Memorial Day weekend  and the official beginning of the summer season. Over here in Kansas City the weather has pushed over ninety degrees for nearly a week. That’s nothing though folks as the real fun begins in the July and August months. We routinely have weeks straight of one-hundred plus … Read more

The Surprising Surge of R-11 Emissions

Anyone who’s been in the refrigerant industry rather it be through home, commercial, or automotive applications are familiar with the ever famous Montreal Protocol. The passage of this treaty across the globe has had a profound effect on the industry. No longer could companies use CFC and HCFC refrigerants. We all said goodbye to some … Read more

A-Gas Purchases German Refrigerant Company

It was announced late last month that A-Gas had made a new acquisition. This time they purchased a German based company known as Arthur Friedrichs Kaeltemittel GmbH. The company, headquartered out of Seevetal, has been supplying refrigerant and supplies since 1955. Arthur Friedrichs is a key player in the automotive market in both the aftermarket side … Read more

Refrigerant Manufacturer Listing

Most of us know and are familiar with the common refrigerant distributors rather it be Hudson, A-Gas, Aspen, Weitron, or whomever else. These names are seen everywhere within the industry and you’re most likely buying from one of them already. That being said, another question that I see quite a bit that isn’t as covered … Read more

What Are The Differences Between Portable And Window Air Conditioners?


Spring is beautiful. Trees are blooming, birds are chirping, and we rarely have to wear winter coats. It’s nice outside! Finally, there are days when you don’t have to run your HVAC system. If you have another type of space heater you’re probably not using that either. Soon, however, you’ll need to consider your cooling … Read more

What is Refrigerant Subcool?

What Is It?

Being able to measure refrigerant Subcool and Superheat are essential for diagnosing and correcting an air conditioning or refrigeration unit. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misunderstanding as to what exactly Superheat and Subcool actually are and even less understanding on how to measure it. There are so many novice technicians that get ‘stumped’ on … Read more

The Versatility of R-125 Refrigerant

R-125, or Pentafluroethane, is one of the most prominent refrigerants in use across the world. It can be found in your grocery store, your office buildings, and even your home air conditioner. If supply runs out or there is a price constraint then it is felt across the world. It is truly astounding how one … Read more

Top Refrigerant Sites of 2018

I am proud to say that RefrigerantHQ has been mentioned in quite a few different websites in their ‘Top HVAC Websites,’ section. These various post are a great way for an audience on one site to discover a related site that they may have not known about in the past. Thanks to these posts I … Read more

New Refrigerant App out of Australia

Earlier today I was reading a very interesting article on a new App that was created for the refrigerant industry. This App that was developed and designed for the Australia market is built to collect, store, and send data. This is how most Apps work, but here’s the difference. This App focuses on refrigerants. The … Read more

Chemours Purchases Refrigerant Manufacturer ICOR

Everyone in the industry knows of Chemours and their former parent company DuPont. Chemours was known as the ‘billion dollar startup,’ back in 2015 when they split from DuPont and formed an entirely new company. Ever since then they have grown and have become an aggressive competitor. Along with Honeywell, Chemours is one of the … Read more

UK & Italy Band Together to Stop R-32 Retrofits

Most everyone knows that over the past few years the European Union has been experiencing a large shortage as well as price hikes on HFC refrigerants such as R-134a, R-404A, and R-410A. While the shortages on R-134a can be traced back to the MAC Directive that took place on 2017, the shortage on R-404A and … Read more