New Refrigerant App out of Australia

Earlier today I was reading a very interesting article on a new App that was created for the refrigerant industry. This App that was developed and designed for the Australia market is built to collect, store, and send data. This is how most Apps work, but here’s the difference.

This App focuses on refrigerants.

The goal of the App is for technicians to measure and record how much charge, or refrigerant, is left in an end of life system. Today, no one really knows what the average amount of refrigerant is left in these soon to be discarded systems. The speculation is that at least half of a charge, if not more, remains in the unit. But, now instead of guessing Refrigerant Reclaim Australia (RRA) has come up with this App for the techs to use when doing a removal or install.

With the data logged by techs all over the country the RRA will be able to aggregate it and come up with a scientific number to charges left in end of life air conditioners, chillers, and everything else. This information is key. Some of you may not know this but my day job is in Information Technology and Software Development so the moment I saw this story I felt like I HAD to write it.

Speaking from someone who deals with large sets of data regularly I cannot emphasize enough how valuable this information will be once collected. Data is the new gold folks. There is a reason companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google collect anything and everything they can. Imagine in a few years or so of having accurate refrigerant data like this. A government or entity could accurately give phase down goals and numbers instead of guessing at it. Just ask the European Union how that guessing game is working out for them!

One thing that you may be asking yourself is how they can ensure that the information is actually logged into the App? Well, what’s the best way to get someone to do something no matter what industry you are in? Incentives! The RRA will be putting users of the App into weekly drawings of a two-hundred dollar vouchers to various outlet stores. On top of that there are also two grand prizes of five-thousand dollars to be claimed.


I was really impressed when I read this story. It’s a smart, innovative, and easy way for technicians to record the data on each and every machine that they work on. While I haven’t personally used the App I am hoping that the GUI is easy enough to interpret and use. There is nothing more frustrating then when trying to use a program only to find out that it is not user friendly and is burdensome to use.

As an IT guy and a refrigerant guy I have to say that I am excited about what is to come over the next few years. What other Apps will be created and invented? There are so many possibilities out there. The option of having any and all information within arms reach on your phone in this industry will be huge. There are so many misconceptions or just things that are flat out wrong. Combating these will push this industry further into the future and I believe Apps are the way to do it!