HFO-1234YF Refrigerant is Now Available!


Hello everyone! It’s been a long time for me here at RefrigerantHQ. Life has been crazy as I’ve started a new job, written a few books, and I’ve started a new website as well dedicated to the tool industry. It can be found at ToughAssTools.com. But hey that’s enough about me. Let’s move on to … Read more

HFO-1234YF Refrigerant

Are you looking for HFO-1234YF Refrigerant cylinders for sale for the best price per pound on the web? We’ve got you covered as we’ve checked the different places where they can still be found. Unfortunately – that’s not many anymore! Cans and cylinders of 1234YF can still be found on Ebay in different sizes. Find … Read more

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Where Can I Buy 1234YF Refrigerant?

1234YF refrigerant is designed to be an alternative to the R-134a HFC refrigerant that is used today. R-134a has been discontinued in the European Union and is on it’s way to being discontinued in the United States.  134a is being phased out due to it’s high global warming potential number of over 1,300. With 134’a widespread use … Read more

Chemours Building $230 Million Opteon Refrigerant Plant in Texas

In case you were wondering HFO refrigerants are the refrigerants of the future. The commonly used HFCs of today are already slowly being phased out across the world and are being replaced with either the Chemours Opteon brand or the Honeywell Solstice branded HFO alternatives. The first and most popular HFO refrigerant that most of … Read more

Germany Automakers Rebelling Against 1234YF

Well folks it looks like the automotive refrigerant market is going to be split into two. Today, most everybody is still using R-134a as the main refrigerant for automotive applications. If you have been working on newer cars you may have seen some vehicles with the HFO 1234YF systems. R-134a is being phased out across … Read more

Fact Sheet on DuPont’s Opteon YF HFO

I came across this link today from DuPont’s website and thought I would share. It provides a fact sheet on DuPont’s newly announced Opteon brand for automotive applications. This is the new HFO 1234YF refrigerant that has a very low Global Warming Potential. As it stands today 1234YF will be the refrigerant of the future … Read more

HFO Refrigerants – What You Need to Know

HFO refrigerants, or Hydrofluro-Olefins, are a new class of refrigerants that have a much lessened global warming potential than it’s HFC alternatives. One example being the 134a alternative, 1234YF, which is 335 times lower on the global warming potential scale and only four times higher than standard carbon dioxide. HFOs are the refrigerant of the … Read more

DuPont & HoneyWell Preparing for the Rise of 1234YF

HoneyWell & DuPont Teamup on 1234YF

1234YF‘s time has finally come. In 2014 an estimated three million cars on the road are now taking 1234YF refrigerant. In 2015 that number is predicted to climb to seven million. All but one auto manufacturer have switched over from R-134a. R134a has not been banned in the United States, but it’s only a mater … Read more