Chemours Building $230 Million Opteon Refrigerant Plant in Texas

In case you were wondering HFO refrigerants are the refrigerants of the future. The commonly used HFCs of today are already slowly being phased out across the world and are being replaced with either the Chemours Opteon brand or the Honeywell Solstice branded HFO alternatives.

The first and most popular HFO refrigerant that most of you are probably aware of by now is 1234YF. The 1234YF was designed to take the place of the R-134a automotive refrigerant that is used across the globe. The European Union banned R-134a from use in all new vehicles in the year 2013. Since then they have been exclusively using 1234YF. (There has been some blowback from Germany, but they have since switched over.)

In the United States it was announced last year by the Environmental Protection Agency that R-134a will be phased out on new automotive models by the year 2020. (2021 model years.)  Click here for an article on the planned phase out. The EPA hasn’t deemed an ‘official’ replacement yet for R-134a but everyone’s money is on 1234YF. Some United States automotive manufacturers and importers have already begun using 1234YF in 2015 and 2016 model years. (Jeep Grand Cherokee and Fiat are some examples.) It’s only a matter of time before other models  and manufacturers are added.

The Plant

With all of the demand in Europe and the expected growth in Asia and in the United States it only makes sense for The Chemours company to invest in a new and improved plant in their already established Ingelside, TX location. They will be investing two-hundred and thirty million dollars into their HFO plant. This investment will give Chemours the largest HFO manufacturing plant in the world and provide a competitive edge against their Honeywell competition.

The plant once finished will be expected to triple Chemours output of 1234YF as well as other alternative HFO refrigerants. You can expect to see alternatives to R-410A and R-404A being produced here as well. (DR-55 and XP-40) Ground breaking is expected in the third quarter of this year and the  expected finish date on the plant is third quarter of 2018.


HFOs are the future and in only a few short years you will begin seeing them everywhere in the United States. Rather it’s on your car, in the supermarket, your home air conditioner, or even in your refrigerator they will become part of everyday life. Are you ready?