Natural Refrigerants

I am all for getting back to our roots. So many times nowadays it seems that we over complicate things. The same thing can be said when it comes to refrigerants. If we go back to the infancy of refrigeration and air conditioning we can find natural refrigerants as the primary refrigerant. Natural refrigerants are … Read more

Honeywell & Chemours File Appeal On HFC Refrigerant Ruling

Well ladies and gentlemen I have to say that I saw this coming. The deadline to file an appeal on the Federal Court’s ruling against the EPA’s phaseout of HFC refrigerants was September 22nd, 2017. Lo and behold, at the last minute on the last day an appeal was filed by Honeywell and Chemours. This … Read more

French Government Proposes HFC Refrigerant Tax

Let me preface this with France is a great country. I had never left the States before until a few months ago when I had a business trip in Belgium. We had an extra day so we took a train down to Lille and then another train down to Paris. I had a lot of … Read more

A-Gas Purchases Diversified Pure Chem Refrigerants

The other day I wrote an article about Hudson Technologies acquiring one of my favorite refrigerant companies of the past, AirGas/Refron Refrigerants. This article can be found here, but basically in that article I went over how as the years pass by that the number of refrigerant distributors and declaimers across the country are shrinking … Read more

Refrigerant Leak Detectors – Master Comparison Table

Hello folks and welcome! If you haven’t noticed by now over the past few weeks I have taken the time to go find, research, write, and do a product review on each and every refrigerant leak detector that I could find. While I did not use these units first hand I want to point out … Read more

AHRI Pushing the EPA for an Appeal on HFC Ruling

Almost two months ago on August 8th, 2017 a federal court ruled against the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed ban and phase-out of HFC refrigerants. Originally, the EPA had planned phase out of HFC refrigerants to begin next year with R-404A and again in 2020/21 for R-134a. I’ve written about this ruling before so I will … Read more

RefrigerantHQ Featured on HVACTraining101’s Best HVAC Blogs

Hello everyone! I’m proud to announce that RefrigerantHQ has been featured on HVACtraining101’s Best HVAC websites and blogs. This article from HVACtraining101 goes into all of the great sites and blogs of the HVAC industry. I highly recommend reading through and exploring some of the links provided. As we know there is always more information … Read more

HoneyWell & Chemour’s Monopoly on 1234YF Refrigerant

As I am sure that all of you know when it comes to manufacturing refrigerant there are only a few players left in town. Sure there are some smaller companies scattered here and there across the country but for the most part when you are buying refrigerant it is coming from one of two companies: … Read more

A Recap of Refrigerant Summer 2017 Pricing

Well folks it is that time of year again. The mornings are already getting cooler here in Kansas City and we’re only a week away from Labor Day weekend. Our neighborhood pool has already closed due to the unseasonable August temperatures. Those of you who are familiar with Kansas weather the month of August is … Read more

Appeal is Likely on HFC Federal Court Ruling

Last week a Federal Court in Washington, D.C. ruled against the Environmental Protection Agency’s ruling of planned phase-out of HFC refrigerants. This phase-out was announced by the EPA in 2015 and it’s goal was to have most, if not all, HFC refrigerants completely phased out in the United States by 2030. They were going to … Read more

Aldi To Convert Their UK Stores Over to CO2 R-744 Refrigerant

The grocery store chain Aldi has announced their intention to switch all of their stores in the United Kingdom to CO2 refrigerant. (Also known as R-744.)┬áTheir goal is by the end of the year 2018, just over twelve months from now, that one-hundred of their stores will be fully converted over to R-744. This is … Read more

What is the Best R-22 Alternative Refrigerant Today?

Since the phase-out of R-22 began in 2010 the cost has risen exponentially as each year passed by. In the year 2015 the price jumped even higher due to tougher import and production restrictions put in place by the Federal Government. That’s not the worst of it though folks, not by far. When the year … Read more

Airgas-Refrigerants Being Acquired by Hudson Technologies

I saw this news today while reading through my alerts and frankly I’m saddened. It feels like another piece of my past has gone. If we rewind nearly eleven years ago at the beginning of my career I was tasked with the responsibility of negotiating and purchasing all of the R-134a refrigerant for my company. … Read more

Federal Court Strikes Down EPA’s Phase-Out of HFC Refrigerants

Greetings everyone! I welcome you this weekend to breaking news in the refrigeration world. On August 8th, just a few days ago, a Federal Court in Washington D.C. ruled against the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed phase-out of HFC refrigerants.┬áThe lawsuit against the EPA and federal government was brought by one of the largest manufacturers of … Read more

A-Gas Displays new Rapid Refrigerant Recovery Service in the UK

A-Gas, one of the leading refrigerant companies in the world, has proudly announced a new refrigerant reclamation technology. This announcement came from their United Kingdom branch headquartered out of Bristol. The new technology is known as the ‘Rapid Recovery.’ At this time the service is being rolled out to five locations in the UK: Southwest … Read more

Carrier Transicold to Offer R-452A as an Alternative to R-404A

Well folks one of the big dogs in the refrigerated transport market, Carrier Transicold, has begun offering R-452A as an alternative refrigerant for their trucks here in America. Most everyone already saw this coming due to their competition, Thermo King, had already begun switching their trucks over to 452A as well. For those of you … Read more

New HFC Purchase Regulations for 2018

Well folks the do-it-yourselfer air conditioning repairman will be quickly coming to a close at the end of this year. No more novices trying to ‘recharge’ their system. No more guys just dumping more refrigerant in. Well, we can at least hope so…unless these guys have a friend in the business. Some of the techs … Read more

HFO-1234YF Refrigerant is Now Available!


Hello everyone! It’s been a long time for me here at RefrigerantHQ. Life has been crazy as I’ve started a new job, written a few books, and I’ve started a new website as well dedicated to the tool industry. It can be found at But hey that’s enough about me. Let’s move on to … Read more

What Requirements Are There to Work in HVACR?

If you are thinking of a career in HVAC industry, there is no better time than now. HVAC technicians are in high demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the employment of HVAC professionals to grow by 14 percent between 2014 and 2024. Quality training and the required certification are crucial for a successful career … Read more