A-Gas Displays new Rapid Refrigerant Recovery Service in the UK

A-Gas, one of the leading refrigerant companies in the world, has proudly announced a new refrigerant reclamation technology. This announcement came from their United Kingdom branch headquartered out of Bristol. The new technology is known as the ‘Rapid Recovery.’ At this time the service is being rolled out to five locations in the UK: Southwest of England, London, Midlands, M62 Corridor, and Scotland. If the demand grows then additional vehicle and allocations will be made for expansion.

Now for those of you in the United States, including me, there is even more good news. This new equipment and technology has already been tested here in the US. The results have been great and contractors have reported a much quicker and easy turn around for each recovery job. In fact the Rapid Recovery name came from a company that started here in the US. The company, headquartered out of Phoenix, AZ, offered their customers a way to carry out refrigerant recovery at a very fast recovery rate. Almost ten times faster than the standard rate today. In one instance when recovering refrigerant from three chillers at a hospital there was nearly 1,000 pounds of refrigerant to be recovered. The entire recovery process took just over four hours. If they had been using the standard equipment it could have taken up to four days to gather all of the remaining refrigerant. Rapid Recovery operates in over forty-five states across the nation and last year they recovered over over 1.450 tons of refrigerant. You may have even come across them in the field at some point.

A-Gas Americas bought the Rapid Recovery company and began to roll it out across the US as well. The UK was the second country they launched this technology to and coming up next will be Australia and the rest of Europe. A-Gas is quickly becoming one the biggest refrigerant companies in the world and not only in distribution but also in recovery and reclamation.

The Benefits

There are so many benefits to this new recovery technology. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • The service is F-Gas compliant with the EU’s and the EPA’s laws.
  • Their machines are AHRI certified.
  • The recovery unit is mobile and comes on a wheeled frame. Most of the time it can fit through a standard doorway.
  • It comes with a two-hundred foot hose that can reach units wherever they are rather they are tucked away from the road, on the ceiling, or in a courtyard. And, if for whatever reason your unit cannot fit through a doorway then you have your two-hundred foot hose to get the job done for you.
  • It does not need power to operate instead works off of gas. So, just like your lawnmower all you need to remember is to bring an extra gallon or two of gas canisters.
  • Ten times faster recovery than the standard practice. As I mentioned above it can recovered a thousand pounds of refrigerant in just over four hours.
  • This new technology will save contractors and technicians a considerable amount of time and money. As they say, time is money.


These are the fun articles to write as we get to take a look at some of the new technology being rolled out into the market. For more information on the Rapid Recovery company please check out their website. There is quite a bit of information there including a gallery of their mobile job sites. Also, their phone number is 1-877-372-7732. Lastly, you may check out A-Gas America’s website as well for more information.