RefrigerantHQ Featured on HVACTraining101’s Best HVAC Blogs

Hello everyone! I’m proud to announce that RefrigerantHQ has been featured on HVACtraining101’s Best HVAC websites and blogs. This article from HVACtraining101 goes into all of the great sites and blogs of the HVAC industry. I highly recommend reading through and exploring some of the links provided. As we know there is always more information to learn and it seems like there is always something new happening within the industry. By following these blogs and websites you are sure to be in the know and be aware of exactly what is happening today and what will be happening tomorrow!

HVACtraining101 is ran by Bob Wells. Bob is a retired HVAC technician from the great northwest known as Washington state. I have to say that I am a little jealous of his location. He’s got mountains. He’s got rivers. He’s got the ocean. I’ve been up to Seattle a couple of times and I have to say that it is absolutely beautiful. You know what I have here in Kansas City? Heat. Cold. And lots of flat land. We also have the 2015 World Series Champions… but I’m not bragging. (I am!) Seriously though, folks I’d recommend paying Bob’s site a visit. It’s a great site that goes over all kinds of HVAC certification requirements, product reviews, and many other articles.

Another great feature to use for keeping up with the industry is Google Alerts. Google Alerts is a tool offered by Google that will send you an e-mail the moment there are articles published on certain keywords. I have some of my alerts setup on words such as, ‘Refrigerant,’ ‘1234YF,’ ‘Chemours,’ ‘R-410A,’ excreta. These alerts come in hand when coming up with article ideas like the one that I am going to be writing tomorrow about AHRI’s push for appeal of the federal court ruling on HFC refrigerants.

Anyways that’s a wrap folks. I just wanted to do a short post sending my thanks over to Bob and to also provide you with a source of industry information.