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We came across the BlueDri BD-130P Commercial Dehumidifier some time back when I was helping a friend deal with constant flooding in his basement. Every time they wiped off the water, they would wake up to a flooded space a few days later. He asked me to help him find a solution to the problem, since the walls, too, and nearby furniture were affected by it.

I suggested buying a dehumidifier to see if it would help eliminate the problem. Because, let’s face it. Other than plumbing problems, humidity contributes highly to flooded basements. If it’s above the recommended 50%, you will start noticing dampening of the walls, windows, and flooding on the floors. Therefore, drying the air and maintaining the humidity levels within the 30 to 50 per cent will prevent further damage or health issues.

What drew me close to this dehumidifier was the fact that the manufacturer recommends it for water damage restoration projects for various spaces, including your home and commercial rooms such as offices and warehouses.

If you are looking forward to investing in it, or still wondering if it’s worth the money, this article gives an in-depth review of the product. What do you need to know about it? Is it worth the price?

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I recommend buyers to learn something about the brand before buying any product since it’s a crucial part of the buying process. You can start by checking different online reviews to see the experience different people had using their products.

Blue-Dri, doesn’t have a long history. However, over 10 years now, they have been selling air ventilation products such as air movers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and the different parts and accessories of these products. I also noticed that they focus on providing portable and efficient products for all kinds of spaces.

They have safety certifications in Europe, North America, and South America. Hence, they produce their products with an an understanding of the needs of different markets.

Product Features

Before we look at the dehumidifier’s features, I think finding out whether the unit is the right size for your space first is crucial. Manufacturers usually include information on the size of the space the unit will dehumidify efficiently and the pint value on the package. On your part, you may also need to do some measurements on the space to see whether the unit will be efficient or not.

The BlueDri BD-130P Commercial Dehumidifier will eliminate up to 225 pints of water in 24 hours in large spaces of up to 4,000 sq. ft. On top of that, up to 410 cubic feet of airflow goes into the unit per minute. That means, any flooded area in your home will be dry within a few days of running this unit.

Its physical features

Right out of the box, this portable dehumidifier comes with a polyethylene chassis, which can be either grey or blue. Its body construction is quite strong and can handle rough terrains.

It also has a carry handle and two large wheels on both sides to enable transportation from one area to another. At the front, you will find a high-quality filter, which is washable and easy to maintain. The control panel sits at the top of the unit. It has an LCD screen, a timer, a purge for pumping water out manually, and two scroll buttons.

At the back of the unit, you will find a 25 ft. long power cord and a 38 ft. long drain hose. You can also connect the dehumidifier to your home’s or office’s duct system, especially if you want to simultaneously dry different parts of your home.

The BlueDri BD-130P Commercial Dehumidifier uses a rotary compressor and an automatic water pump to drive water out of the unit via the drain hose. It also has an auto-restart capability, an RH sensor to determine the humidity level in the room, and when to start or stop drying the air.


So, what are some of the benefits of buying the BlueDri BD-130P Commercial Dehumidifier? The unit is ideal for major drying projects in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. If you have a large space you would like to dehumidify, remove flooding, dampness, or that musty odor, this unit will achieve this within a short period. By the way, several Amazon reviewers gave this dehumidifier a thumbs up for this.

The other thing we liked about this dehumidifier is its level of convenience. You don’t have to keep resetting the unit after a power outage since it has an auto-restart feature. It picks up from where it left once power comes back. Also, the in-built timer alerts the unit when to start and when to stop. Hence, you can leave it running during the day without worrying about excessive energy consumption or drying the air too much that it affects your skin or causes respiratory problems.

Besides, you don’t have to use much of your energy lifting this dehumidifier even though it’s light. Its handle and the integrated wheels make it easy to move it from one space to another. Additionally, the wheels are large enough. Hence, carrying it on rough terrains or up the stairs won’t be a problem.

Another quality that made me recommend it to my friend is its effectiveness. Most dehumidifiers, especially those that use refrigerants, will only operate in hot temperatures above 65 degrees. For the BlueDri BD-130P Commercial Dehumidifier, it will work well within 33 degrees to 100-degree temperature range, which makes it ideal for cooler environments.

If you didn’t know, rotary compressors enable effective moisture extraction, and they are less noisy than a reciprocating compressor. We couldn’t find the exact noise level value of this dehumidifier, but we believe that it’s between 60 to 70 Db depending on the speed of the fan.

Other benefits to note:

  • It’s easy to use and maintain
  • The long power cord is efficient for crawl spaces
  • You can connect it to your whole house duct system
  • The 115V is an energy efficient voltage range


The BlueDri BD-130P Commercial Dehumidifier has its own limitations, of course. And one of them is body construction in our opinion. Honestly speaking, polyethylene is quite strong, but it’s not durable compared to a metal chassis. I found this to be a limitation because transportation in moving trucks might be a problem, especially if it’s surrounded by metal equipment. Furthermore, for its price and level of functionality, this can be a huge disadvantage.

Another challenge I noticed with the dehumidifier is durability. Even though the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty, some reviewers complained that the unit gave some error after a few months of functioning. I think the manufacturer should include such information on the user manual to assist them during such times. Some reviewers also stated that getting assistance from the company’s customer support was also a struggle.


That’s all we know about the BlueDri BD-130P Commercial Dehumidifier. After reading this post, should you buy the dehumidifier for water damage restoration or not?

In our opinion, I believe it does the job in the best way possible. It should be able to eliminate much of the moisture and dampness in a basement or any other room within a short time, thanks to the 225 pints it offers.

Additionally, when I look at the level of effectiveness and the benefits this unit offers, I believe this fits many dehumidifying uses for a whole house, crawl spaces, offices, and industrial warehouses. Further, even though it doesn’t have an energy star rating, I am yet to see anyone complain about its energy value.

Use this link to view the BlueDri BD-130P Commercial Dehumidifier and customer reviews on Amazon.

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