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Today, we are going to review the COLZER 190 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier. I first saw this unit the other day while searching for the best dehumidifiers for my basement.

The one thing that made me love this unit was not just the amount of humidity it can remove in a day. It is its efficiency. The dehumidifier is a freestanding unit recommended for water damage restoration, removing dampness in rooms, odor, and excess moisture in crawl spaces, basements and other areas of your home. And not only this, the unit has a defrost feature allowing it to operate in low temperatures that most refrigerant models on the market can’t.

For most buyers, this unit can be a bit pricey. Therefore, the question you might is whether this unit can eliminate the excess humidity in your home. Is it really worth the price? Is it durable? How energy efficient is it? Is it safe to use?

Well, in this article, we are going to give you an in-depth analysis of the dehumidifier. By the end, you should have the answer to the questions asked above.


The first thing we look at every time we review any product is its brand. We recommend buyers, especially when buying pricey units, to stick with brands they recognize. If you know nothing about the brand of the product you are about to buy, take time to know about the reputation, history, and other products they manufacture first. That way, you will be able to make an informed decision.

So, what do you need to know about the Colzer brand?

The company has not been around for a long time since it was established in 2015. Since then, Colzer has been providing high-quality appliances that treat your indoor air. Some of the appliances they manufacture include air conditioners, air purifiers, wine coolers, ice makers, refrigerators, and dehumidifiers.

In terms of customer service, the company promises to help buyers with issues related to their product on a 24/7 basis. For instance, they give refunds to customers who receive a damaged appliance. They also have a 60-day return policy. On the other hand, we saw various customers complaining that contacting them was a big problem, but you should access all the assistance you require if you contact them from their website. You can also refer to the user manual for installation and maintenance guidance. I had a look at it, and I can say that everything written in it is clear.

Product Features

What are some of the attributes you should expect to see on the COLZER 190 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier?

Right off the bat, the dehumidifier is a freestanding unit with a roto-molded housing. Its housing is blue on the front part, and on the back, it’s grey. The unit weighs 97 pounds and is 21.5 inches long, 19.3 inches wide, and 32 inches wide. It also has semi-pneumatic wheels and a collapsible handle. The size of the wheels makes it easy to move on rough terrains or up and down the stairs.

The dehumidifier’s filter sits at the top. It prevents dust, pollen, and hair from getting into the compressor since it’s high in density. Also, it is washable, which reduces maintenance costs for the unit.

How the dehumidifier operates

The COLZER 190 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier comes with a 25 ft. power cord. You can change the default temperature and humidity settings using the intuitive LCD screen on the top of the machine. Buttons on the control panel include power, defrost (more on this in a bit), purge, full, and timer.

Once air comes into the filter, it goes to the heavy-duty condensate pump, which converts the hot air into water, and leads it into the 15 ft. drain hose. The drain hose is 6.65 inches in diameter. It should drain a good amount of water at an instant. You can drain the collected water in a sink, basement drain, or any other place you want since it’s long.


Ideal for water damage restoration and removing humidity in a roomThe manufacturer recommends the COLZER 190 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier for large dehumidification projects such as water damage restoration in commercial basements or spaces. I believe this unit will dry the basement, room, or crawl space quickly. I saw one reviewer saying that the humidity level in his home dropped from 75% to 35% within two hours.

In my opinion, that’s possible since the dehumidifier offers 190 pints. The airflow rate is 386CFM, enough to dehumidify large spaces of up to 6,000ft within the shortest time possible. If you are yet to know whether the unit’s size fits your commercial space, be sure to take some measurements. Also, read this article on how to determine the perfect size for your space.

Another benefit of this appliance is the HGV defrost feature. It’s a feature that allows it to function in lower temperatures since it prevents the coils from freezing. Press this button if you notice the coils are freezing. The unit will start warming them immediately. Remember, most refrigerant units don’t function well in temperatures below 65 degrees, like during the winter. Actually, the COLZER 190 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier works between 33 to 100 degrees temperature range.

The auto-restart function will power the unit on after a power outage and return it to your preferred setting. Hence, if you plan to put this unit in a basement or crawl space, you don’t have to worry about having to power it on manually after power outages. By the way, some dehumidifiers lack this feature. Ensure to examine this function before buying any unit if you live in areas where power outages can occur any time.

Some dehumidifiers also lack safety features, which could start a fire if your unit overheats after working for long hours. For this one, this is not the case. The timer will shut down the unit if it overheats. Also, when the humidity is within the recommended range, the unit shuts itself down, and will only start running when necessary.


Despite the dehumidifier’s efficiencies, I cannot hesitate to state some limitations, even though they could be minor. I saw a buyer on Amazon complaining that the unit is pricey. Well, I am of this opinion, too, given that it’s a freestanding unit only and can only dehumidify one room at a time.

I also wish the manufacturer included a humidistat in this model. You have to purchase one separately, which adds to the installation cost.

What about the machine’s noise level? I was a bit hesitant to comment on this. But upon research, I found out that its noise level is at 60 dB. That’s the average sound level of an office or restaurant. I understand why many buyers complain that it’s noisy during operation, especially if you place it in a crawl space.


So, is the COLZER 190 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier worth your money? Well, for me, it is. It’s an energy-efficient unit that operates in low temperature ranges, dries the air in your home quickly, and offers 190 pints for large spaces of up to 6,000 sq. ft.

Although it’s a free standing unit, I would still recommend it to people who want a unit they can use to remove floods or humidity in basements, crawl spaces, construction sites, and other large spaces. You should see the benefits instantly. Furthermore, you get a five-year warranty on its housing.

Get to know more about the COLZER 190 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier via this link.

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