Wichita Company Fined $100,000 From EPA Over Flammable Refrigerants

Earlier this month Northcutt, a company specializing in refrigerated trailers, was fined $100,000 by the Environmental Protection Agency. It was found that Northcutt was promoting and actively selling alternative refrigerants to the standard R-404A used in refrigerated cargo. While there is nothing wrong with alternative refrigerants it should be noted that by law the Environmental … Read more

Montreal Protocol November 2015 Meeting in Dubai

Montreal Protocol 2015 Meeting in Dubai

In just a month from now one-hundred and ninety-seven countries will meet in Dubai for the¬†twenty-seventh meeting of the Montreal Protocol Treaty. The meeting is to start on November 1st and is expected to last most of the week. Unlike in the past where these meetings were held to discuss the damaging of the O-Zone … Read more

The End of R-134a

The reign of 134a is coming to an end.

Well ladies and gentlemen the reign of R-134a has finally come to an end here in the United States. Last week RIGHT before the July fourth holiday the Environmental Protection Agency thought it was the perfect time to announce that they will be phasing out R-134a across the country. I wrote an article summarizing the … Read more