A-Gas Purchases Diversified Pure Chem Refrigerants

The other day I wrote an article about Hudson Technologies acquiring one of my favorite refrigerant companies of the past, AirGas/Refron Refrigerants. This article can be found here, but basically in that article I went over how as the years pass by that the number of refrigerant distributors and declaimers across the country are shrinking … Read more

A-Gas Americas Acquires Refri-Claim

A-Gas Americas Map

Yesterday it was announced that A-Gas Americas has acquired the refrigerant reclamation company known as Refri-Claim. Refri-Claim was a sub division of the larger company ICOR International. This acquisition will give A-Gas Americas a significant boost in refrigerant reclamation capacity across the United States and provided greater service to it’s various customers. ICOR International/Refri-Claim ICOR was … Read more