A-Gas Americas Acquires Refri-Claim

Yesterday it was announced that A-Gas Americas has acquired the refrigerant reclamation company known as Refri-Claim. Refri-Claim was a sub division of the larger company ICOR International. This acquisition will give A-Gas Americas a significant boost in refrigerant reclamation capacity across the United States and provided greater service to it’s various customers.

ICOR International/Refri-Claim

ICOR was founded in 1995 in Indianapolis. It’s initial purpose was to manufacture and distribute refrigerant across the United States as well as handle exports. During the phase out of R-12 and R-22 ICOR developed alternative drop in refrigerants known as Hot Shot (R-12) and NU-22 (R-22) and has since been known as a prominent refrigerant manufacturer and distributor.

In 2007 ICOR launched it’s refrigerant reclamation company known as Refri-Claim. The company was designed with the hopes of making things simple and easy for individual refrigerant user. Instead of rounding up a bunch of cylinders and shipping them off for processing Refri-Claim offered an over the counter cylinder swap program. You walked in with your cylinder handed it over the counter and bam, you were done. Users no longer had to bother with storing cylinders, repairing valves, or dealing with the hassle of reclamation themselves.

Who are A-Gas Americas?

Most of you have heard of them in the past but just under a different name. In 2012 A-Gas International, a United Kingdom based company, merged with RemTec International and with CoolGas Incorporated. In the past I had dealt with CoolGas for refrigerant distribution needs and now with the merger they have even more capabilities and more competitive pricing than ever.

Since 2012 they have been making their presence known throughout the market of refrigerant distribution and in refrigerant reclamation. With this latest acquisition  A-Gas Americas will obtain all of Refri-Claim’s customers, all refrigerant cylinder stock, and all refrigerant reclamation and refurbishment equipment. All of the product and equipment will be moved to A-Gas America’s headquarters in Magnolia, Texas. This will put A-Gas Americas one step closer to competing with  the reclamation efforts of Hudson Technologies.


With this latest acquisition A-Gas will be able to provide a simple and efficient refrigerant cylinder and exchange program for it’s customers across the United States. Since the merger in 2012 A-Gas Americas has made it’s presence known throughout the market. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years as with each year that passes there seems to be an emerging big three powers in the refrigerant world; A-Gas Americas, Hudson Technologies, and Air-Gas.

Who will be the number one distributor?

Who will be the number one reclaimer?

Only time will tell.