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Welcome to Refrigerant HQ for another in-depth review. Today, we would like to review the Waykar PD1201B Commercial Dehumidifier. To be honest, I had never heard about Waykar before, but after looking at different reviewers online, I couldn’t help but want to know more about it.

Generally, the unit is unique, especially when you look at its physical features. If you are the kind of person that loves investing in aesthetic products, this unit will suit you. Besides that, the unit removes up to 296 pints of water in a day. That’s about 37 gallons, or 114 liters, thereabout.

So, what other qualities does this unit offer? Is it even energy efficient? Is it suitable for a commercial space as the manufacturer suggests?

Well, if you would like to know what the Waykar PD1201B Commercial Dehumidifier is all about, you are in the right place. We will talk about the features, the benefits, cons, and know more about the brand that makes this product in this article. Let’s get right into it.


Waykar has been manufacturing dehumidifiers since 2014. I did some research on some of the products they produce, other than the Waykar PD1201B, and I found out that they have other dehumidifier models on the market. All of them have common features, including programmable timers, auto defrost, inbuilt humidistat, and power-off memory functions.

The company focuses on providing modern and sleek (aesthetic) units for homes and commercial spaces such as offices. Other products they manufacture include portable air conditioners, ice machines, and other smart and energy-saving products. 

Once you buy any of their product, you get a user manual and a 1-year warranty. They also offer one extra year warranties for people who register products within 14 days of purchase. I am not sure whether this offer will last forever, though.

Product Features

The video below also shows a brief overview of the product. 

The first thing I recommend people to look at when checking a dehumidifier is its size or the pint value. Typically, this determines whether the unit fits your needs or not. If you buy a unit that has a small pint capacity, it might have to work harder to remove dampness, odors, allergens, and humidity in a large space. You end up with a room with low air quality and an ineffective dehumidifier.

For the Waykar PD1201B, it can remove up to 296 pints per day in spaces as large as 8,000 sq. ft. That’s about 114 liters, as we mentioned earlier. It also has an airflow capacity of about 353 CFM. 

Physical attributes

This dehumidifier’s outer shell consists of a modern metal chassis. It’s white on the front and back and black on the middle sections. The unit comes with four rotating wheels at the bottom to enhance portability. It also has an ergonomic handle to help you lift it. Note that the unit is 112 pounds heavy, 23.4 inches long, 17.4 inches wide, and 34.3 inches high. 

The digital control panel, which is touch-sensitive, sits at the front of the panel. Buttons on it include a fan speed setting, timer, function button, scroll buttons, and a power button. Once you power it on, the internal humidistat will read the room’s relative humidity and temperature and display the results on the screen.

The unit has a drain hose at the back, which you can place in a drain sink or inside a large water bucket. Note that it drains the water using gravity.

Installation and setting it up

The manufacturer provides a user manual to help with the installation. So you don’t have to worry about added costs.

Waykar Commercial Dehumidifier's Digital Control PanelWhen setting the dehumidifier up, place it in the room you want to dehumidify and power it on. Set your target humidity, which should be between 10% and 90% and configure your preferred fan speed depending on how much airflow you want to go into the unit every minute.

The unit can run continuously, or you can use the timer to set how many hours (ranging from 1 to 24 hours) it should dehumidify and then stop. Once the dehumidifier reaches the target humidity, it will halt the process and only start running again when the humidity goes beyond the target. In case of a power loss, the device will restore your settings via the auto restart feature.


The Waykar Commercial DehumidifierBased on the features stated above, should you buy the Waykar PD1201B Commercial Dehumidifier for your commercial space? The answer is yes. And one of the reasons: it’s aesthetic. It would increase the value of any space, whether you place it in a garage, office, kitchen, bathroom, basement, storage facility, or living room.

I also noticed that the PD1201B has an auto defrost feature, which allows it to work in cooler environments (such as commercial refrigerators) with temperatures as low as 41 degrees. Remember, for most refrigerant dehumidifiers, the coils begin to freeze and ceases to function if the temperatures go below 65 degrees.

Most homeowners shouldn’t have a problem installing this unit in their home because it’s as simple as ‘plug it in and go’. All you need to do is learn the different settings on this unit, and you are good to go. Furthermore, if you want to move it to another room, you can do so easily thanks to the four wheels at the bottom.

The other benefit is its airflow capacity. Most dehumidifiers offer between 150 and 200. But for this one, the airflow capacity is at 353 CFM. It should dehumidify your space within a very short time. Waykar also has a reliable customer care team who will respond quickly. I saw several reviewers saying that they got help whenever they faced an Error Code on their machine. So in case you see this, don’t hesitate to contact them. By the way, the Error Code signifies that something needs fixing.


One issue I have with this dehumidifier is the length of the drain hose. Even though it has a durable construction to avoid leaking, I don’t understand why Waykar made it short. You have to look for a larger bucket to drain the water or set it up close to a floor drain or sink. Alternatively, you connect it with an external condensate pump to help you pump the water outside, which in this case, you have to buy.

The other issue I have with this product is portability. Of course, the wheels at the bottom make it easy for you to move it, but you may not like the location of the handles. In my opinion, you may need an extra hand to lift it. Again, due to the unit’s height, this unit will not fit into any crawl space.

I also think the Waykar PD1201B Commercial Dehumidifier comes with a short warranty. I wish it were longer since the unit’s price is close to $1000.


There you have it. I believe that’s everything you need to know about the Waykar PD1201B  Dehumidifier. In my opinion, this is an energy-efficient unit that you can use in various commercials spaces. You can also use it as a freestanding unit in your home in areas such as the garage, office, bedroom, kitchen, and many other spaces.

However, due to its height, this product may not fit in a crawl space, especially the tight ones. You can rely on the Aprilaire E100 Pro 100 Pint Dehumidifier instead. Commercial users will also appreciate its pint value, which should eliminate odors, large amounts of humidity, dampness, and water damage restoration.

Also, I would recommend it to people who live in humid areas and need a unit that can remove large amounts of humidity quickly. If you want to buy it, see reviews, prices, and other features, click on this link to head over to its Amazon Buy Page.

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