What is R-410A Refrigerant? (Puron)

R-410A refrigerant was invented and patented by Honeywell in 1991. Carrier Corporation was the first company to introduce R-410A air conditioning unit the residential market in 1996 and they hold the trademark name ‘Puron.’ 410A is classified as an HFC refrigerant and does not contain Chlorine and is not harmful to the O-Zone.

R-410A replaced R-22 as the main refrigerant for residential and commercial AC units, freezers, and refrigerators. As of 2010 no new AC machines can be manufactured using R-22 , all future machines have to use R-410A . R-410A has a HUGE opportunity and is the short term is the future of home and commercial applications.

That being said, 410A is an HFC refrigerant and thusly has a high global warming potential. 134a, a cousin of 410A, is being banned across countries due to it’s high global warming potential. I feel that it is only a matter of time before 410A is phased out as well. HFO refrigerants will be the future.

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