R-410A Refrigerant

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R-410A Product Details

R410A freon, also known as Puron, was invented by Honeywell Corporation back in 1991. Although, Carrier Corporation was the first company to introduce R-410A to the residential market back in 1996. R410A is intended to be a replacement for R-22 freon. R-22 was ordered to be phased out by the EPA due to it’s harmful effects on the O-zone layer. As of January 1st, 2010 no new HVAC units using R-22 can be manufactured in the United States and in 2020 R-22 can no longer be manufactured in the United States. If you have some R-22 stored I would hold on to it until then… you’ll make a fortune!

ALL new units are to be geared towards R-410A freon. There is a boom coming for the R-410A market. R-410A is the future for all residential and commercial HVAC. Are you ready?

A few more facts about R-410A:

  • It should be noted that R-410A operates at a higher pressure than R-22 and CANNOT be used on older R-22 systems, same goes for using R-22 in newer systems.
  • R-410A requires specialized tools to handle the higher pressure as well.
  • R-410A does NOT contribute to O-Zone depletion.
  • R-410A does have a higher global warming potential. (2088 times the effect of carbon dioxide.)
  • R-410A is a mixed refrigerant. It is blended with HFC-32 and HFC-125, although they perform as a single refrigerant.
  • R-410A can be topped off if there is a leak of freon, rather than having to flush the whole system and replace with new product.

It should be noted that R410A is the future of home and commercial refrigerants but it does fall into the HFC category with R-134a and R-404A. I bring this up because HFCs do not cause harm to the O-Zone layer BUT they have been found to have a very large Global Warming Potential, or GWP. 410A’s sister 134a has been phased out entirely in the European Union and steps are being taken today in 2014 to begin phase out in the United States. So, keeping this in mind it only makes logical sense that Puron would be next… it’s just a matter of when. R-134a isn’t expected to be completely phased out until 2020. Once that is done I would predict that they will come for R-410A, but that could be ten to fifteen years down the road.


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Please note that Environmental Protection Agency law requires certain individuals to be licensed before purchasing some refrigerants. You will be required to provide your certificate number or declare the item will be resold to an EPA certified technician on certain types of Refrigerant. (R-410A & R-134A are excluded from this.)