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Alright, so I’m kind of ashamed to admit this but I just found out this was a thing only a few months ago. It never occurred to me that covering up your air conditioning unit in the winter was necessary. My family and I just bought a new R-410A unit a little over a year ago and luckily last winter we ended up having no snow at all during the winter months. I came across this cover a few weeks ago on Amazon and the moment I saw it I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before. It seemed so obvious.

I purchased it through Amazon and in less than week it was at my door. When I opened the box the first thing I noticed was the quality of the material. As I said before I haven’t purchased an AC cover in the past but I did have a vinyl cover for my grill on my back deck. The cover barely lasted the winter. When springtime came I pulled the vinyl cover off the grill only to have it crack and splinter all along the cover the moment I began to pull it off. As cheap as I am I kept the cover and put it back on the grill the next winter. Needless to say the cover didn’t make it to next spring. This CoverMates cover is different. You could feel the difference just with your hands. Without trying to sound tacky, you could feel the quality. It felt like it was going to last for a long time.

Installation was as easy as could be. I literally pulled it out of the box, walked over to my Air Conditioner, and slid it right on. It was a bit of a snug fit but after some maneuvering I was able to push her on down to cover the unit. The bottom of the cover is elastic which makes for a tight and sealed fit once you have it covering your machine. There are various Velcro and straps to keep it snug and secure against your air conditioner. While I have only had the unit for a few weeks now a few of the reviews that I have read recommended adding a rope or bungee cord to the middle of the case if you are in a high wind area. (If you’ve ever been to Kansas City than you know we have some wind!) I opted for using a couple of the s-hooked bungee cord. (I bought mine from Amazon.)

Since I was kind of late to the game here on buying this product I’m pretty sure I will still have to hose off my AC unit this spring to get all of the gunk and leaves out of there. I am looking forward to next fall though when I plop this thing on as soon as the leaves start falling. No more cleaning the unit, no more worrying about a foot of snowing sitting on top of it. This thing will take care of it all. It’ll be as easy of just pulling it off during springtime and calling it good.

While I have not experienced any downsides yet I always do my best to look for any negative feedback on products before I extend myself out there in a review. I looked through the seven-hundred plus reviews on Amazon and only found a very few three star reviews. There was a common theme on all of these reviews. Most people complained that the size of the cover was too small. But, if and when you go to the Amazon page you’ll see that there are nearly fifteen different sizes to choose from before purchasing. It is up to you to measure your unit and ensure that you buy the right size.

The other complaint that I saw was that the straps on the cover wore down to practically nothing after five years of use. It is a legitimate complaint but I also have to point out that the cover has a three year warranty and that if you’re going to be paying around $35.00-$70.00 to protect your thousand dollar machine over five years than that is a pretty good deal. Hell, if you do the math over five years it’s between $10-$15 a year. As I said before I am as cheap as they come but I found myself buying this just for the knowledge that it would protect my investment.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product from CoverMates. It is a solid genuine product made of tough material and unlike the box stores that you would buy AC covers in this product is not a one size fits all solution. You pick the size and they will ship it accordingly. As strange as it sounds I’m excited about this product as I hope it will extend the life and prevent any future issues of my air conditioning unit. I look at this buy as an investment and as an accessory to your air conditioner unit. If you don’t already have one I would suggest you to purchase directly from Amazon’s website.

Thanks for reading and hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!