What Are Portable Air Conditioners?

Summer is quickly approaching. And Kansas can get hot! Temperatures in the three digits are not uncommon. Therefore, we have to be ready before those days arrive. You need to make sure your cooling systems work well before it’s too late. Otherwise, hot days will be uncomfortable for you and your family. One way to keep the home cool in the summer is to use a portable air conditioner.

If you aren’t familiar with these systems you’re in the right place. There are more cooling options out there than a central cooling system. Or a fan. Learning about portable cooling systems might be the perfect solution for your home. There are a few points to consider when learning about portable air conditioners. Four of them are:

  • The difference between portable versus central air.
  • Portable cooling can lower your monthly bills.
  • These systems only require low maintenance.
  • When you should buy a portable unit.

Portable Versus Central Air

Central air systems are one of the more common cooling solutions in a home. Because portable cooling units are lesser known, we have to learn what differentiates the two.

Central air units are larger and found outside of the home. They are connected as part of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. These units are controlled by a central thermostat. Central air units are more complicated than portable air conditioners when it comes to maintenance. This is because they normally require a trained service technician. It’s recommended these systems be tuned up once a year. The service bills add up over time. However, a central air unit might be the better option if you want to cool the entire home at the same time.

Portable air conditioners are smaller and installed inside of the home. Their goal is to provide cooling to one room, instead of cooling to the entire home. Because they play a smaller role than a central system, portable air conditioners are less expensive. They are also versatile. Moving them to a different room is a possibility. You can even bring them to another home if you move! This normally isn’t possible to do with a central cooling system.

Lower Your Energy Bills

The ability to cool one room instead of the entire home has its benefits. Chief among them is the money you can save on your monthly energy bill. Constantly running a central air system can become quite costly. However, there might be rooms in the home that are mostly unoccupied. Do those rooms need to be cooled in the summer? The answer might be no. You can instead run a portable air conditioner in only the room or rooms you want cooled.

Portable air conditioners are so efficient you might find yourself using central cooling less and less. Older central cooling systems tend to not work that great. You might find yourself maxing out the thermostat to get your home cooled. This will result in maxing out your energy bill! If your current central air system isn’t pushing out the proper amount of cool air you might want to consider owning a portable air conditioner. It would be much more cost effective to purchase a portable cooling unit than to replace your outside cooling unit. It’s also more convenient. You won’t have to schedule major work to your home. You can even have a portable cooling unit shipped to your house!

Low Maintenance

Earlier, I talked about how central cooling units require routine and sometimes expensive maintenance. You need to schedule an expert to inspect your system. You might even have to take off work to be home! Your vacation days can be better spent somewhere else. A portable air conditioner requires neither of those when it comes to maintenance. Keep your vacation days! A portable cooling unit is easy to install and maintain. All you do it push a couple buttons and it works! Low maintenance is required with these systems. Let’s talk about what that entails.

DeLonghi America PACAN120EW 12000BTU Whisper Cool Portable Air Conditioner
PACAN120EW 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are famously hassle-free. The only maintenance you’ll have to do is drain any moisture that is collected over time. Different units might have different ways in which you’ll do it. But it will likely involve removing a tray that contains the moisture. After that, you’ll simply pour it down a drain. Once you’ve done that, simply put the tray back and continue using the portable cooling unit. It’s that easy! Some premium units, such as the DeLonghi America PACAN120EW, do not even require you to drain the moisture. This is because it has a built-in moisture evaporator. You can find this model on Amazon.

When to Buy a Portable Air Conditioner

Now you know that portable air conditioners are inexpensive, save money on energy bills, and can be transferred from room to room. They also require little or no maintenance versus a central cooling unit. So, when would you buy one? The answer is if these facts make sense for you and your situation.

Everyone wants to save money. This is arguably the biggest deciding factor when thinking about buying a portable cooling unit. Another factor is the versatility option. You can move these units from one room to another. You can even bring them with you to another house. Still, another factor is not being ready to replace an old HVAC system yet. Newer HVAC systems might be expensive. but portable air conditioners are not. If your current HVAC system isn’t working well you should consider opting for a portable cooling unit.

Where to Buy One

You can find portable air conditioners in many places. My favorite place would be Amazon. You can shop without leaving the comfort of your own home. You can also easily compare models and read reviews of each of them.

Before you choose a unit you should know the square footage of the room you want to cool. Follow my guide on sizing. The article pertains to window units. However, the information about BTU strength is interchangeable with portable air conditioners. Feel free to reach out to us here if you need help choosing a portable air conditioner.