How Much Do Window Air Conditioners Cost?

Window air conditioners are a wonderful product that allows people from all flocks of life access to a nice relaxing cold room to sleep in or rest in during the dog days of summer. As a Kansas resident myself I can tell you that I know all about hot summers. August here is brutal and I don’t know what I would do without air conditioning. It is funny how your body becomes accustomed to it after a while.

A question that I have seen coming up every once and a while, especially as we approach summer, is what is the cost on a window mounted air conditioner? What’s a fair price? What should I expect to pay?

The price of window air conditioners is a hard thing to narrow down. These products are not something that can be summed up with a simple one sentence answer stating that they are all two-hundred dollars. There are a ton of considerations and factors that have to be taken into account before you can purchase a window air conditioner for your home, garage, or office. Depending on what room you are trying to cool, what features you want, how big of a space the area is, if it is open or enclosed, how many people will be in the room at a time. I could go on and on folks.

In fact, I wrote an article just the other day about how to find the best window air conditioner for you. This article is rather long, so be prepared to read, but it goes into what considerations should be made, how cooling and power is measured with air conditioners, a guide of what size air conditioner you need based on square footage of your room, and the top three recommended products for each room size.

The Price of Window Air Conditioners

If you want a bare bones window air conditioner for a small bedroom or office you can get away with spending around two-hundred dollars on a 5,000 BTU model and call it good. The best real world example of this is Frigidaire’s FFRA0511R1 5,000 BTU system. This product is a great quality air conditioner that will get you through the summer. These 5,000 BTU machines are rated to cool around one-hundred to one-hundred and fifty square feet. As I mentioned before, this is about the size of a bedroom or a small office.

On the other side of the spectrum we have window air conditioners that can cool as much as one-thousand square feet and are rated at 18,000 BTUs. That is over three times the power than the previous unit we just looked at. With this much power comes a hefty price tag of five-hundred dollars or higher. An example product that we can find on is the Koldfront WAC18001W 18,500 BTU air conditioner. Along with the extra power on these larger units you also get additional features such as heating, remote controls, auto-room temperature, and many other features.

There are all sorts of window air conditioners out there on the market today and depending on what you are looking for the price can go up and up. In fact if you decide on a 5,000 BTU you could see the price range anywhere from that two-hundred dollar point we mentioned earlier all the way up and over five-hundred dollars. While you are still getting the same power to cool a one-hundred and fifty square foot room you are also getting all of the other features and upgrades.


In conclusion folks the cost of a window air conditioner is completely up in the air. The only thing I can tell you is decide on what size air conditioner you need, what features you want, and then take the time to shop and compare the different brands and options that are out there. The last thing to mention is to read reviews, and I don’t mean just skim over them I mean really read them. Check out the negatives, the positives, everything.

Even if you aren’t going to buy the product on I find digging through the reviews of a product on there really help me to get a grasp of what it is I am ordering and what I can expect when it arrives at my home.