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Welcome to Refrigerant HQ, folks. Today, we will be looking at one of the best-rated window air conditioners in the market, the MIDEA MAW12R1BWT EasyCool Window Air Conditioner, specifically the one that offers 12000 BTUs.

Recently, we have been learning about window air conditioners, their benefits, and reviewing some of the best options in the market. I recently bumped into this one, and I thought, “Why not review it?” By the look of it, this is something anyone would like to take home, especially when you look at its cooling capacity, elegant design, and given that many people have bought it on Amazon.

In this review, we will look at some of the features this unit brings to your home or office, our thoughts on how it can benefit you, and some of its weaknesses. So is the MIDEA MAW12R1BWT EasyCool Window Air Conditioner worth the price? Let’s get right into the review.

What You Should Know about the brand, Midea

Nobody likes to buy from brands they don’t recognize. And even if you want to take the plunge and risk buying a product from a brand you don’t know, take time to learn about it. For Midea, popularity is something they have been able to gain over the last 50(plus) they have been in operation.

They are a popular brand known for manufacturing quality home appliances such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washers and dryers, dishwashers, and AC units – like the one we are reviewing today. The Fortune 500 Company, which started as a small workshop in China, has been able to gain a global presence in over 200 countries with stores.

In the AC unit niche, Midea’s appliances are pretty dominant. Actually, they are regarded as one of the largest air conditioning manufacturers in the world. Getting to know this should give you confidence in the MIDEA MAW12R1BWT EasyCool Window Air Conditioner, I believe.

Their appliances are reputable for being elegant and durable. Also, most of their devices are affordable, which makes them a go-to appliance store for most people around the world.

Product Features

For me, I think, the design on this unit is top-notch, especially for its price. It comes with aesthetic features such as the front panel LED display and the color. By the way, I don’t know why but I feel like it should bring back a retro, yet classy feel to your space.

You can access all the AC unit’s settings via the front panel LED display. Midea also provides a remote control that allows you to change the settings from a distance.

Cooling abilities

Summers will never be the same again with the MIDEA MAW12R1BWT EasyCool Window Air Conditioner. It’s a 3-in-1 unit with a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTUs. Now, that’s enough energy to cool a 400 to 500 square foot space. Before placing an order, measure the size of your room to find out whether this unit is ideal for your space or not. We recommend this because we see reviewers complaining that the unit doesn’t cool their space. This may happen if the area of the room you set it up in is within the range we mention above.

And that’s not all. The air conditioner has a 3-speed fan, which operates quietly, and an efficient dehumidifier, leaving your room cool, dry, and full of fresh air.

Installation, setup, and maintenance

The manufacturer provides all the accessories you need for installation. So you don’t have to worry about buying any accessories for the set up. Ensure, though, that the window you wish to fit it into is 23″x 36″ x 14″ in dimension. You can measure the window before you purchase this unit to see whether it will fit the desired window or not. Otherwise, you may have to extend or shorten it because it can leave spaces on your window, making your unit work harder when cooling your home. Further, bugs can enter via the spaces.

Installation takes a few minutes. All you need for installation is a screwdriver to fit the AC is in place and maybe one other person to help you lift it and put it in position while screwing since it can be a bit heavy for some users. Ensure that you follow the instructions on the user manual. You can find it here.

For maintenance: The unit comes with a washable filter. You save up on additional costs of buying a new one every other month. Ensure, though, that you wash it once every month. Also, dry it before fitting it back into the unit. Note that the manufacturer also provides a one-year warranty for labor and parts.


In my own experience, we meet with many air conditioners that promise efficiency, but they fail to deliver. I think this unit would be a perfect buying choice for anyone who wants to cool a small room. It will do the job perfectly.

And to add to it, it saves on energy costs. The 24-hour programmable timer on the panel helps you schedule settings so that the unit cools the room when you need it to only. The unit also uses less energy to operate on eco mode as well and ensures that the appliance operates quietly at night. Hence, you can place this in your children’s bedroom if you need it to cool the room while they sleep. It can also be an ideal installation for an office where you need everything to operate silently.

By the way, I found out that the noise level is about 57.5 to 61 dB. That should be within the range of normal conversations between two people seated close to each other. Hearing the compressor rumble at a distance may not be audible in so many situations.

You can also access the energy guide on the box to see how much money you’ll save with the unit.

In our windows air conditioner buying guide, we told you that looking for an AC unit that operates at 115v to 22v ensures that your electric bills don’t skyrocket. This one runs at 110v, which is yet another benefit.


We tried to understand some of the problems that users went through with this unit, and we found several.

One limitation is that this is not a smart window air conditioner. I don’t know why Midea failed to include this functionality as it would enhance its purpose. Furthermore, most of the devices you will meet in the market nowadays have this feature.

Another quality I didn’t like is that some people complained about the unit’s durability. Some reviewers say that the air conditioner shuts down after a few months. While others say that it arrived damaged. Hence, handle the unit with much precaution. If you can’t lift it on your own, ask for help from someone a bit stronger to avoid dropping it.


We have come to the end of our article today. That’s all we know about the MIDEA MAW12R1BWT EasyCool Window Air Conditioner. From the information above, is it worth the price? Well, this will depend on your needs.

For us, this looks like a decent unit for any residential space with a 450 to 500 square foot dimension even though it doesn’t come with smart features. I also love the fact that it can operate without much noise like most of the window air conditioners you will come across in the market. And if it fits your budget, why not buy it?

Head over to the Amazon Buy Page to see more reviews and the price value via this link.

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