What are the most common types of Refrigerant today?

There are many kinds of refrigerant and or Refrigerant on the market today, but only a few that are widely used:

  • R-134a refrigerant is primarily used in automobile applications. It is classified as an HFC refrigerant and has been banned in some countries due to it’s global warming potential.
  • R-12 was THE refrigerant back in the 20th century for automobile applications. It was banned in 1994 due to it harming the O-Zone layer. It was replaced by R-134a. R-12 is an CFC refrigerant.
  • 1234YF is a new type of refrigerant that will be slowly replacing R-134a applications. Some automobile manufacturers have already switched over to the new HFO class of refrigerant known as 1234YF.
  • R-410A is primarily used for home and commercial units made on or after 2010. It is also an HFC refrigerant.
  • R-22 was the primary Refrigerant used for home and commercial units but was banned due to the harm it caused to the O-Zone layer. It was replaced by R-410A in 2010. R-22 is an CFC refrigerant.
  • R-404A is primarily used transport refrigeration. It is an HFC refrigerant as well.

It is important to note that HFC refrigerant such as R134a, R410A, and R404A are being slowly phased out due to their high global warming potential. They will most likely all be replaced by new HFO refrigerant equivalents.

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