The Falling Price of R-22

This time last year folks we were seeing the price for a thirty pound cylinder of R-22 hover around six-hundred dollars a cylinder. This price increase didn’t come to a surprise to a lot of people within the industry. We all knew that R-22 was being phased out and a price increase was inevitable. The … Read more

R-22 Refrigerant Frequently Asked Questions

R-22 was one of the most popular refrigerants and longest used refrigerants in the world. In 2020 it will be phased out entirely across the United States but there are still so many people who have an R-22 unit for their home, office, or grocery store. Here are some of the most common questions that … Read more

California Man Caught Smuggling R-22 Refrigerant

Well folks I can’t say that I am surprised by this news. For some people out there the opportunity for immense profit outweighs all things, including ethics. I’ve seen this before in other countries. In fact three years ago I wrote an article on how Russia found twenty tons of R-22 refrigerant on the dock … Read more