How do I Buy the Right Ductless Air Conditioner?

There are many mini split systems to choose from. Which one is the best for you? In this section, our goal is to give you the tools you need to find the right ductless air conditioner. Everyone’s situation is different and there are unique types of mini split systems for different situations. Let’s take a look at what some might be. The major factors are:

  • Cost of the mini split system
  • Size of the room you want to cool
  • Features of the ductless air conditioner
  • Durability and warranty information

The Price of the Mini Split System

Cost, or price range, will probably be the first factor you consider when shopping around. Are you willing to spend in the three-to-four thousand dollars range? Are you willing to spend in the one-to-two thousand dollars range? Depending upon the range you’re in, there will still be numerous options for you to choose from.

Here’s something for you to consider: a more energy efficient model might be just out of your price range. But when you do the math, considering monthly energy bill payments, which option will eventually be more cost-effective? For example, let’s say there are two models, one for two thousand dollars and another for two thousand five hundred dollars. What if the more expensive one will save you fifty dollars each month on the energy bill? Well, within a year, the more expensive option would actually be the less expensive option. Sometimes it pays to do the calculation and see how many months it will take to get your return on investment.

The Size of the Room Matters

Mini split systems are not equal when it comes to cooling power or the ability to cool rooms of different sizes. How many square feet do you want to cool? Take a look at the ductless air conditioners on Amazon. You’ll notice that they either display the square footage or the “BTU”, which stands for British Thermal Units. To learn more about BTUs, read our article “What are Air Conditioner BTUs?“. Reading that article will give you the tools you need to know what BTU number is right for you.

Along with price, the strength of the ductless air conditioner is going to be one of the more important factors you’ll use to choose. You don’t want to buy, install, and find out the mini split system isn’t strong enough for the room. That’s too late! If you end up with a unit that’s too large for your room then you’re going to be wasting energy as well as ending up with hot or cold spots throughout the room. On the inverse of that if you purchase a unit that is too small for your room then the air conditioner will be running constantly causing your energy bills to go up and up. On top of that your room will never fully be cooled. So please ensure you do the proper research before you buy your mini split system.

Senville SENL-12CD Ductless Air Conditioner
Senville SENL-12CD Ductless Air Conditioner

Features of the Mini Split System

Some people only need it the air conditioner to turn on and cool the room. Others prefer their unit to have a timer, include a remote control, or have additional features such as heating mode. Like anything, you’ll probably get what you pay for. So if you’re a fan of “bells and whistles”, it might be a good idea to spend a few hundred dollars more. You never know, the higher priced model might be more energy efficient. And, like we learned earlier, you might even be saving money over time in the form of lower monthly energy bills.

How Long the Ductless Air Conditioner Will Last?

This is very important! How long will the mini split system last, on average? You’ll want to review different pieces of information here. Chief among them is to know both the warranty details and what other people are saying about the mini split system you’re considering. Both can be found on the Amazon product page.

Normally, a warranty will be for two or three years. I would recommend going against buying a mini split system that has a warranty of only one year. What good is the air conditioner if it breaks after one year of use? You’d have to buy the unit every year! Some people, as you’ll read, buy the extended warranty. This might be a smart option, especially if you’re going to buy a more expensive mini split system.

Speaking of the “right” ductless air conditioner, let’s take a look at the last section: our favorite products.


Well, there you have it, folks! I hope that I was able to answer your question and also shed a bit of light on ductless air conditioners in general. If you find yourself wanting to read and learn more about ductless air conditioners then I highly suggest you take the time and read our in-depth buyer’s guide for ductless air conditioners.

Remember though folks, that ductless units aren’t your only option. After reading this article if you find that you are leaning towards an alternative air conditioner such as a portable or window unit consider checking out our best of guides on these. Read our best window air conditioner article and our article that lists the best portable air conditioners. There are many ways to stay cool nowadays, the question is which one will you choose?

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