Airgas Refrigerants Changes Names to ASPEN Refrigerants

It was announced today, December 5th, that the refrigerant company known as Airgas Refrigerants will be renamed to ASPEN Refrigerants. A few months ago Hudson Technologies announced that they had acquired Airgas Refrigerants for the approximate cost of two-hundred and twenty million dollars. This new ASPEN name for Airgas will allow Hudson Technologies to phase the new acquisition into their ranks as well as move away from the Airgas name which is similar to their competitor’s A-Gas Americas. In my opinion this transition separates ASPEN from the competition and gives them a name that stands out.

The ASPEN Refrigerant name has been around for over ten years now and customers have grown use to seeing the brand name around. This ASPEN name will be synonymous with Hudson and the current customers of Airgas will see little change as ASPEN will still be using the very same employees, facilities, and customer service that their customers have come to expect.  On top of that all of the same refrigerants along with the testing, recovery, and reclamation services from Airgas will be carried over to the ASPEN name. The good part here is that along with these services that Airgas has offered in the past they now have the backing of their new parent company Hudson Technologies. That means that there are more resources available rather it be through distribution or reclamation.

I wrote a few articles about the acquisition of Airgas from Hudson which can be found by clicking here and here. A few points of note on this name change:

  • The ASPEN brand name is always written in all capital letters.
  • ASPEN is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hudson Technologies, Inc.
  • Airgas, now ASPEN, has no legal association with Airgas Inc and Air Liquid Company, effective October 11th, 2017.
  • You may have heard of Airgas or ASPEN referred to as ARI. This is an informal name and will still be the case in the future.


The refrigerant distribution and reclamation industry has changed quite a bit over the past five years or so. I remember years back when there were numerous distributors I could call to get pricing. Nowadays it seems like everyone of these companies I used to call have all been consolidated or are no longer in business. The market has grown but the competition has consolidated to two major players: Hudson Technologies and A-Gas Americas. Both of these companies have been growing and consolidating in an effort to have a strong and impenetrable foothold in the refrigerant distribution but more importantly the refrigerant reclamation industry. The question is who will come out on top and what will it it mean to the average contractor and consumer out there?