Top Five US Refrigerant Reclaimers

The beginning of refrigeration reclamation can be traced back to the 1990s when the initial stages of the Montreal Protocol were put into place across the country. Since then refrigerant reclamation has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and is only expected to grow in the coming years.

There are many companies to choose from when it comes to reclamation and at times it can be a little overwhelming on which to choose. Are they certified? Will they meet or exceed ARI-700 standards? Will they give me the most for my recovered refrigerant? Do they service my area?

Well to make things easier for everybody, I decided to put together a list of the top five refrigerant reclaimers here in the United States. These guys are the best of the best and have proved it time and time again over the years.

5) National Refrigerants Inc


National Refrigerants Inc is a worldwide distributor of refrigerants and all related refrigerant materials. They boast over five hundred locations across the globe and are one of the largest refrigerant distributors to date.

Their reclamation facility is located in Rosenhayn, New Jersey and was one of the very first reclamation facilities approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute.

On top of all that they also have a Refrigerant Banking Program. One of the drawbacks worth mentioning is that you are responsible for shipping and freight charges on returns to New Jersey as well as organizing the logistics of the return.

4) Airgas Refrigerants

324920v2v1I’ve always been a fan of Airgas. I used to deal with a smaller company called ‘Refron,’ before they were bought out by Airgas ten years ago. Airgas Refrigerants is one of the leading refrigerant distributors in the country. I used them in 2013 for when I was distributing Puron and I have nothing but good things to say.

Airgas has been in the refrigeration industry for over twenty-five years and are very experienced when it comes to recovery, recycling, and reclamation. Their main reclamation facility is located in Atlanta, GA. Like National Refrigerants, they offer a refrigerant banking program, refrigerant buy-back program, as well as disposals.

A big selling point that stuck out to me was this line from their website, “We provide DOT approved recovery cylinders, including all shipping tags, documents and labels. We coordinate all logistics and absorb shipping costs.” Yes, you read that right, no freight. None. They also boast one the most competitive buy back programs in the market.

3) Chemours Company (Formerly DuPont)

013272893You may have not heard of the ‘Chemours Company,’ but I can assure you that they know what they are doing. Just this month, July 2015, DuPont split their refrigeration division into a new spin off company called the ‘Chemours Company.’ This spin off is specifically dedicated to all things refrigeration. This allows them to focus on nothing but refrigeration development, manufacturing, recycling, and reclamation.

I rank Chemours at number there mainly for the name recognition, experience, and overall infrastructure. I mean, these guys invented most of the common refrigerants that are used today. They offer the basic features such as recycling, reclamation, and buy-backs.

I couldn’t find too many specific details of their reclamation programs but from what I can gather is that they have various reclamation facilities across the country. There is a tool that they had listed on their website that pin pointed the neartest reclamation facility closest to you.

2) AGas America (Formerly CoolGas)

logoNow some of you here in the states may not recognize the name A-Gas Americas yet, but if you don’t trust me you will soon. A-Gas is a global refrigeration company spanning five continents. Recently they acquired two American companies RemTec International and CoolGas Incorporated.

I had not dealt with RemTec but I do have prior experience with purchasing from Coolgas and have had no complaints. With these three companies combining over the past few years A-Gas Americas is now one of the largest refrigerant distributors and reclaimers in the United States today.

A-Gas Americas offers reclamation, disposals, and a buy-back program on recovered refrigerants. In some cases A-Gas even offers on site removal of recovered refrigerants. This allows you to save on the freight and to not even bother with the hassle of co-coordinating the return.

1) Hudson Technologies

logo_hudsonAlright, here it is. Number one. Hudson Technologies.The big kahuna.

Hudson Technologies is THE largest refrigerant reclaimer in the world. Yes, that’s right. The world. They’ve only been around for twenty-four years yet they have risen to the top of the market.These guys know what they are doing and they are world knows it.

One of the best selling features that I can point to is this excerpt from their website: “We’re one of the only companies to provide on-site refrigerant services on a nationwide basis – no matter where you are.” That says volumes right there. They will come to you. How many other companies can say that? Check out this link for more details.

On top of all that they also offer a program specfically designed for wholesalers and or distributors called their ‘Clean Exchange Program.’


Well ladies and gentlemen that about covers the ‘Top 5 Refrigerant Reclaimers.’ If for whatever reason these companies do not work for you the Environmental Protection Agency has put together a full listing on their website that displays all approved refrigerant reclaimers in the country. (Click here for the link.)