The Tool That Every HVAC Tech Needs…

So the other day I was reading through HVAC-Talk forums and I came across an interesting discussion. The topic was titled ‘What are the Best HVAC Tools?’ Reading the title I thought I would see top of the line leak detectors, gauges, vacuums, and the other typical items. Sure there would be debate back and forth over which brands are better but it would be the usual banter with the usual tools.

What I did not expect was to see different people recommending over and over again headlamps. After reading and seeing everyone’s enthusiasm on them I felt a little ashamed that I hadn’t thought of it before. Think of how much time you could save. Think about how much frustration you could save. You’d be able to see exactly where you need to and have both your hands freed up for whatever is needed. It’s one of those ideas you never really think about until it hits you right in the head. Everything will be easier. When you are crawling around a pitch black attic. When you’re working in a dark utility closet. When you’re trying to navigate in a poorly lit basement. (I’m ashamed to say that my basement is very difficult to find your way in due to a series of light-bulbs that I haven’t changed.)GRDE Zoomable 3 Modes Super Bright LED Headlamp

I was curious after reading all of this feedback on headlamps so I went on and looked around for what I thought was the best unit there. As usual there were tons of choices to rifle through. I looked over a few but ended up settling on the GRDE headlamp.┬áThis is a high quality headlamp, with loads of feedback, and positive reviews. But the main thing that drew me to this was the rechargeable ion batteries. I hate having to buy and replace batteries on anything I own. It drives me crazy and I find that half the time I don’t even bother and the thing just goes on the shelf without batteries never to be used again. With this headlamp you get the rechargeable batteries that come with a wall charger or a car charger. So you can charge your unit overnight or even in between service calls.

The lifespan of this unit is over one-hundred thousand hours. Along with that you get the brightness of eighteen-hundred lumens; a waterproof LED light; three settings of high, medium, and strobe; and a twelve month warranty. All of these features and benefits and at the time that I am writing this the product is just over twenty-dollars on


When I recommend a product on RefrigerantHQ I do not do so lightly. I put research into a product. I spend time on this to make sure that what I am recommending here is a quality product that will serve it’s purpose and that will last. The GRDE headlamp has over eighteen-hundred reviews on and nearly every one of them is at four or five stars. The average rating is 4.5 out of 5.0. That equates to a ninety percent approval rating by consumers. That’s one hell of a rating to boast about and it also tells you that this is a quality product that is worth your money.

If you are interested in purchasing this unit then I would recommend going through our partner by clicking this link.