Refrigerant Color Code Guide

All refrigerants are identified by having an ‘R’ in front for refrigerant and with a set of numbers after the ‘R.’ This numbering system has been standardized by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers association.

In order for refrigerants to be easier to identify they have all also been color coded. The color coding prevents accidental mixing of refrigerants, improper application, and helps to inform the technician on how to handle the refrigerant. Having colored cylinders will not only save you time but it can help to ensure that you are using the proper refrigerant.

It should be noted that color coding is not an end all be all for refrigerant identification. It is always best practice to check the label on the refrigerant you are dealing with. The refrigerant coloring system is not mandatory and not all manufacturers use the color coding system and it is always best to be safe rather than sorry. ATTENTION – In June of 2016 the AHRI declared that they will be doing away with color coding refrigerants by the year 2020, for more information please click here.)

There is a published refrigerant color guideline from the Air-Conditioning , Heating, and Refrigeration Institute out of Virginia. This guide line is from 2012 but it is still relevant and useful today. (Hard to believe 2012 was three years ago.)

Below is a listing of all refrigerants and their color codes. If you see anything that needs updated or that is incorrect please do not hesitate to contact us. We will correct any mistakes as soon as possible.

Number TypePictureColorRefrig. Name
R-11 CFCsr11OrangeTrichloromonofluoromethane
R-12 CFCsr12WhiteDichlorodifluoromethane
R-13 CFCsr13Light BlueMonochlorotrifluoromethane
R-113 CFCsr113PurpleTrichlorotrifluoroethane
R-114 CFCsr114Dark BlueDichlorotetrafluoroethane
R-500 CFCsr500YellowRefrig. 152A/12
R-502 CFCsr502Light PurpleRefrig. 22/115
R-503 CFCsr503AquamarineRefrig. 23/13
R-22 HCFCsr22Light GreenMonochlorodifluoromethane
R-123 HCFCsr123Light GrayDichlorotrifluoroethane
R-124 HCFCsr124Deep GreenChlorotetrafluoroethane
R-401A HCFCsr401aCoral RedR-22 + R-152a + R-124
R-401B HCFCsr401bMustard YellowR-22 + R-152a + R-124
R-402A HCFCsr402aLight BrownR-22 + R-125 + R-290
R-402B HCFCsr402bGreen BrownR-22 + R-125 + R-290
R-23 HFCsR23Light GrayTrifluoromethane
R-134a HFCsR134ALight Sky BlueTetrafluoroethane
R-404A HFCsR404AOrangeR-125 + R-143a + R-134a
R-407C HFCsR407CChocolate BrownR-32 + R-125 + R-134a
R-410A HFCsR410ARoseR-32 + R-125
R-507 HFCsLight BrownRefrig. 125/143a


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