Product Review: Robinair TIF9010A Slimline Refrigerant Electronic Scale

Robinair TIF9010A Slimline Refrigerant Electronic Charging/Recover Scale






Ease of Use






Greetings ladies and gentlemen! Today we will be taking the time to review Robinair’s TIF9010A refrigerant scale.  The TIF9010A brings great scale performance and reliability in a compact and easily transferable case. It can weigh any refrigerant in the market today and boasts the greatest resolution in the industry. It can be found on or other online retailers as well.

While the scale’s price may seem high it is worth noting that it is significantly cheaper than most HVAC suppliers in your area. While this is not a top of the line model it will definitely get the job done and end up saving you money down the road. Everything that I have read shows that the scale will easily last above and beyond five years of steady use. There are reports and reviews of the unit being defective out of the box or that it stopped working after only a few months but in each of these cases it was an instance of receiving a defective product right out of the box. There is a two year warranty through Robinair that can be used in the off chance you receive one of these damaged units. (This is a rare occurrence though.)

The TIF9010A is extremely accurate in it’s measurements and allows you to measure in pounds, ounces, and kilograms. It has a maximum capacity of one-hundred and ten pounds. This should cover most, if not all, of your refrigerant cylinders. There were a few customers that complained that the maximum weight was not high enough but as I said before this isn’t the best that money can buy. In a good, better, best approach this unit falls into the better category. Many customers who bought this run a small business and have used this scale to weigh not only refrigerant but also mail, shipments, and many other things.

The scale is compact and easily portable. It also comes with a handheld reader for the technician to review instead of having to stare at the scale  constantly. There are instances of customers complaining that the plastic hinges on the scale’s case fail and break after only a few years of use. (The scale still works fine, just the case.) There is no auto shut-off switch on this scale. So, if you leave it on it will stay on until the battery dies. I have seen people describe this as a detriment. They forget to shut the scale off and the battery dies over night. Others have said it’s a lifesaver as they don’t have to reach over and turn the thing on over and over again throughout the day. To each their own I guess.

As always before I recommend or review anything on I like to dig through all of the reviews and feedback that I can find on the web. Checking on Amazon  I found that the scale had over two-hundred reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. The one star and two star reviews that I read through all look to be the case of receiving a defective product. Luckily, as I mentioned above there is that two year warranty to be considered if you are unlucky enough to get a dud. Along with looking for reviews I also stumbled upon this official fact sheet from Robinair’s website that can be found by clicking here. This will answer any and all questions you would have no the scale itself.

Overall, I would feel very comfortable recommending this scale to my audience. It comes with the Robinair name that we are all familiar with. It’s a reliable versatile scale that will last you and your business for the next five years.

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