Product Review: MasterCool Refrigerant Recovery Cylinder Tank 30Lb

MasterCool Refrigerant Recovery Cylinder Tank 30Lb.






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Greetings ladies and gentlemen! I hope everyone has great plans for the fourth of July in only a few days. Today we are going to be taking the time to review the MasterCool Refrigerant Recovery Cylinder. Before I dive into the details of this product I would like to preface this review post with the fact that I am a researcher. Whenever I write an article on a I take the time to research the topic that I am writing about. If I don’t know the first thing about a new refrigerant I dig in, research, and read about it until I have learned enough so that I am comfortable writing about it. I take the very same approach when reviewing products on this site. I take product reviews and recommendations seriously and will not review a product that I feel is below par. Quality is important to me.

Alrighty, now that we covered that let’s take a look at the product:

MasterCool Refrigerant Recovery Cylinder Tank 30Lb

The MasterCool recovery tank is a great product at a great price. Most recovery tanks are over one-hundred dollars or more from local supply houses, but as I write this the MasterCool is under one-hundred on (Please keep in mind that this price may change from the date of this article.) Not only do you have the low price but it’s quality is just as good if not better than most of the other brand names on the market today.

The cylinder comes powder coated on the outside for a shiny finish and on the inside it comes pre-filled with nitrogen to prevent any interior corrosion of the unit. It comes with the standard Y valve for liquid and vapor, collar design for easy transport, it is reusable, and it is compliant with DOT-4BA400 specifications and ARI guidelines. Most people use this tank to either recover R-410A or R-22 but it can be used on a variety of other refrigerants as well. It can also be used on R-134a as well if you purchase an adapter which can be found on Amazon. The tank is Environmental Protection Agency approved, approved by the Australian Refrigerant Council, and is also approved in Canada. There is a reason it is approved across all of these countries. Quality.

One thing to note is to always always always check for leaks on the cylinder before usage. Obviously it is not the manufacturer’s’ intention to have a leaky recovery tank, but it does happen. There are defects from every manufacturer, the difference is how the seller fix the issue. In this case with MasterCool I have read numerous reviews that when the customer did receive a leaky tank MasterCool responded within twenty-four hours and sent a free replacement unit with very little questions asked to the customer. While the leaks are rare it is important to note that MasterCool will take care of you if you are unlucky enough to receive a bad product. It is hard to find that kind of customer service today.

When doing my research I always view the product on Amazon and sort through the reviews looking for any kind of complaints or faults with the product. As I write this there are ninety-nine reviews on Amazon with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. Pretty darn good rating if you ask me. When I looked at the one star, two star, and even three star reviews the only complaints that I saw on this product was that the unit that they purchased had a leak in it and they lost refrigerant. MasterCool took care of them but the customer still gave a low review. There are honestly no other faults that I can see in this product. Again, going back to that message of quality.

Overall, I would say this product is a buy. You save money by not purchasing from the supply houses, you get a high quality tank, it is reusable, and if you run into the off chance of a bad cylinder the seller will make you whole. I would highly recommend this product.

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