What Makes Bacharach’s H-10 Pro So Special?

It seems that no matter where we go in the industry rather we are online, at the shop, or in a classroom everyone and their brother always seem to swear by the Bacharach’s H-10 Refrigerant Leak Detector. But why? Why is that? What separates the H-10 Pro detector from the rest of the detectors on the market today? Let’s dive in and take a look, shall we?

The Bacharach Difference

I won’t get into every little thing here but instead I will give you a brief overview of the major differences between the H-10 Pro and some of the competitors on the market today.

  1. Sensitivity – This is a huge selling point for the H-10 Pro. It can detect refrigerant leaks as low as 0.006 ounces per year. That is an amazing contrast when comparing to other models that can only do 0.25 or 0.10 ounces per year. I have yet to find anything comparable to this.
  2. Probe Length – Sure, they say size doesn’t matter but come on guys we all know it does. Size of the probes that is. Most probes in the detector world are at about fourteen or fifteen inches. The H10 comes in at fifty-four inches or four and a half feet.
  3. Rechargeable Battery – Using replaceable batteries in a tool like this always drives me crazy. I hate the fact that I have to keep buying and swapping out batteries. The H-10 Pro comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged through a typical wall outlet or through a car adapter.
  4. Three Year Warranty – Three year warranty for a refrigerant detector is usually unheard of. Most of the time we will see a one year warranty. Sure there are a few two years out there but they are an exception.
  5. American Made – Nothing says a quality product like a good old Made in America sticker. The H-10 Pro is proudly made right here in the United States.


The goal of this post was to do a quick snapshot or overview of all of the benefits the Bacharach H-10 Pro Detector has against the competition. For a more in-depth look on the H10 I would suggest clicking here to read my product review on the unit.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing the H-10 Leak Detector then please click here to get the best price on Amazon.