Where Can I Buy R134a Refrigerant?

R-134a is one of the most common refrigerants in the market today and can be bought at various locations either online or even at your local Sam’s Club. Before you consider buying a cylinder of R134a you need to ask yourself one question: How many cylinders am I looking to purchase?

If you are looking at just purchasing one or two cylinders then I would recommend you either shop online from E-Commerce sites, buy locally, or shop through a mainstream E-Commerce website such as Amazon or eBay. Out of all of the choices above I would recommend you at least take a look at eBay to see what they have to offer. eBay has quite a few benefits to consider. They are a recognized name in E-Commerce and know what they are doing. They are extremely customer friendly and gear their whole business model towards making the customer happy. If the seller you purchase from messes up your order, ships the wrong product, or just doesn’t ship at all you get your money back. It is up to the seller to prove any wrong doing.

If you are looking to purchase ten, twenty, or even forty cylinders of R134a then I would recommend visiting our Bulk Purchasing page and filling out a bulk order request form. Once we received the completed notification we will send out an alert to our contacts in the refrigerant distribution industry. Our distributors will then contact you with the most competitive price that they can offer and it will be up to you on which supplier to go with. This service provides you with competitive real time costs as well as giving you a number of highly rated suppliers to choose from.

One thing to note is that with some refrigerants you need to either be 608 or 609 Environmental Protection Agency certified in order to purchase. With R-134a you WILL need to provide 609 certification in order to purchase thirty pound cylinders. You can, however, purchase cans of R-134a without a license.

If you are a purchaser looking to buy in bulk quantities such as five, ten, or more cylinders then please visit our bulk purchasing page to receive a quote.

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