Where Can I Buy R-12 Refrigerant?

R12 is difficult to find now a days. It was phased out all the way back in 1994 and was replaced with R-134a. There are very few places where you can actively buy R-12 today.┬áBefore you consider purchasing R-12 you should ask yourself one question: “How many cylinders or cans am I looking to purchase?”

If you are looking to purchase just one or two cylinders of R-12 then I would recommend shopping online through E-Commerce stores. There are numerous E-Commerce stores to choose from but I highly recommend that you use E-Bay for your R-12 purchases. E-Bay is extremely customer friendly and they strive for the customer to be happy with their purchase.

If you are looking to purchase ten, twenty, or even forty cylinders of R22 then I would recommend visiting our Bulk Purchasing page and filling out a bulk order request form. Once we received the completed notification we will send out an alert to our contacts in the refrigerant distribution industry. Our distributors will then contact you with the most competitive price that they can offer and it will be up to you on which supplier to go with. This service provides you with competitive real time costs as well as giving you a number of highly rated suppliers to choose from.

One important thing to note with R12 is that in order to purchase and handle R12 you need to be certified with the Environmental Protection Agency. If you purchase R-12 without being certified you risk violating the Federal Clean Air Act. (You do not want to do that!) Most sellers on E-Bay will require one of two things before you purchase. Either a copy of your certification license number or a signed letter of intent to resale this product do a different end user. Be prepared to provide one or the other when purchasing.

If you are a purchaser looking to buy in bulk quantities such as five, ten, or more cylinders then please visit our bulk purchasing page to receive a quote.

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