What are Opteon Refrigerants?

Opteon refrigerants are DuPont’s, or Chemour’s, brand name of their new HFO refrigerants. HFO refrigerants are designed as an alternative to the high global warming potential HFC refrigerants used today. At this point in time, in 2015, there are only two main manufacturers of HFO refrigerants in the world. The first being the Chemours Company and the other being Honeywell. HFO’s are designed to be environmentally friendly and look to be the refrigerant of the future.

We will be seeing more and more on Chemour’s new Opteon product line. Chemours is currently developing new HFO refrigerants that will be suitable alternatives to the common R-410A and R-404A applications. You can visit their website by clicking here.

Category: HFOs

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