What is R-404A Refrigerant?

R-404A Refrigerant or R404/R404A Refrigerant is a mixture of chemicals similar to other HFCs such as R-410A or R-134A. R-404A isn’t as popular as the 410A or the 134A it’s main applications are for refrigerated trucks, grocery store freezers, and ice machines. It’s main purpose is to serve as a replacement for R-22 and R-502 Refrigerant as both of these CFCs will be phased out entirely by 2020. Since R-404A Refrigerant is classifed as an HFC refrigerant you do NOT need a licence wit the EPA to purchase it.

It is important to note that since 404A is an HFC refrigerant with high global warming potential that it will most likely be phased out over the next few years. New HFO refrigerants will be replacing HFCs in America around the year 2020.

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