What Kind of Refrigerant do I Need for my Home Air Conditioner?

Chances are your home air-conditioning unit uses one of two common refrigerants on the market today. The age of your air conditioner is what will determine the type of refrigerant that you are using. If your unit is from before 2010 chances are that it is using the HCFC R-22 refrigerant. If your unit is from 2010 or greater than the chances are that it is taking the HFC refrigerant known as R-410A or Puron. You may notice that I am saying ‘chances are.’ ┬áThe reason I am saying is that while I am reasonably certain what type of refrigerant your stationary unit is taking I cannot be one-hundred percent. It is always best practice to check the specifications of your unit and to check the labels on the outside of your air-conditioner to see exactly what type of refrigerant is being used. An example picture is shown below.

So, while I can give you an educated guess I cannot give you a guarantee. It ultimately comes down to you or your tech to check your unit to make sure.

Example label of air conditioner with R-410A unit label.


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