Is R-404A Being Phased Out?

Yes, it is. The Environmental Protection Agency just announced in July of 2015 that R-404A will begin being phased out across the country. Like most phase outs this will occur in phases over the course of many years. The EPA has listed R-404a as unacceptable in newly manufactured machines for the years 2017 and 2019 depending on the application.

New supermarket refrigerant systems will no longer be able to use R-404A as of January 1st, 2017. Vending machines get a little bit more time, their deadline is January 1st, 2019. So far, supermarkets and vending machine refrigeration units are the only ones affected with the new EPA ruling but this will be subject to change and it won’t be long until all R-404A is phased out entirely across the country across all applications.

In fact ThermoKing and Carrier Transicold have already begun transitioning away from R-404A and into less Global Warming Potential alternatives such as R-452A. Coca-Cola has already begun outfitting all of their vending machines with Carbon Dioxide refrigerant rather than R-404A as well.

I’ll give R-404A to around years 2020-2021 before it’s completely gone from the market place and replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives.

You can read more about the EPA’s new July, 2015 ruling by clicking here.

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