Frequently Asked Questions on Refrigerants:

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Hydrocarbon refrigerants are what’s known as ‘natural refrigerants.’ They are non-toxic, non O-zone depleting, and have a very low Global Warming Potential. On top of all that they are one of the most energy efficient refrigerants in the world today.

The time on flurionated gas refrigerants are coming to an end and they will all be phased out across the world over the next few decades. The hydrocarbon refrigerants will take their place. Hydrocarbons are already widely popular across Europe and Asia and are mostly found being used in refrigerator applications. As usual, the United States is lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to alternative refrigerants… but give us time and you will begin to see hydrocarbons appear more and more across the US.

Some examples of hydrocarbon refrigerants are as follows:

  • R-290 (Propane)
  • R-600a (Isobutane)
  • R-1150 (Ethene/Ethylene)
  • R-1270 (Propene/Propylene)
  • R-170 (Ethane)
  • Various blends and mixes of the above products.
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