What is 1234YF?

HFO-1234YF is one of the new class of refrigerants known as HFOs. HFOs are designed to replace the HCFCs that are in current use today. 1234YF is the replacement product for the most commonly used refrigerant in automotive applications known as R-134a. 134a is being replaced due to it’s high global warming potential of 1,320. It’s new replacement 1234YF has a global warming potential of 4. This huge differnce will have a large impact on greenhouse gases in the environment.

Now, not everyone has switched over to 1234YF yet. As I write this in January of 2015 the European Union has banned usage of 134a and has switched over to 1234YF. The United States is also taking steps to slowly phase out 134 and replace it with 1234YF. American and foreign automobile manufacturers have already begun switching over to the alternative refrigerant as well.

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