The Heat is ON for 2015!

The Heat is ON for 2015!

Are you ready for summer? I know I am. I don’t know about you but it’s been one hell of a wet and cold spring. While I’m not complaining about the cold weather it sure would be nice for it to warm up and we could get some sales going. Cold weather means no sales. It’s that old catch 22. I like the low utility bills, I like the working on the yard without sweating through my shirt… but I want the hundred degree weather to get there and to last through out the summer.

Hot weather means things break. That means people are using their air conditioners in excess. After all, I know I do. I can’t stand having a house hotter than seventy-two degrees. Even on those hot days you can still feel the heat through your house. You can feel it creeping in even as your thermostat says seventy-two. So, the customers crank that air conditioner down and they don’t give it a second though until the compressor gives out, the capacitor blows, or the blower goes out. Then you get that lovely call at eight o’clock at night with the customer near panicked wanting you to come out and look at his unit that night. While, it’s  pain to be on call constantly you can’t complain about the constant flow of business during these summer months.

So, after all that, I say bring on the hot weather. We had a few hundred degree days last week here in Kansas City but it seems the weather has died down again back to the eighties. June was pretty lack luster but let’s all hope for a steaming hot July and August.

Best of luck to everyone!

Alec Johnson


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