RefrigerantHQ, The Future, & 2018

Well folks another year has nearly passed us by again. Here I am sitting up in my office on a Saturday night while my three girls are running around downstairs in between their rooms and the basement playroom. My wife is doing her best to watch them but at times there is only so much you can do. Earlier today we had a realtor give us a tour of our ‘dream house.’ It was an older manufactured home on twenty acres surrounded by corn fields. The only thing you could hear when you were walking out there was your own footsteps. Very peaceful. We’re hoping to put an offer down this Monday. May not sound like much to some of you but I’m a simple kind of guy who just wants a quiet country home.

But hey, that’s enough about personal stuff. I wanted to spend some time in this post to go into what’s changed with the RefrigerantHQ site and what I plan on accomplishing in 2018. Towards the end of 2016 and in the beginning of 2017 I wrote quite a few articles in preparation for the summer season. After five to six weeks of cranking out articles I got burned out, like I usually do, and moved on to a different project. I have this thing about me where I obsess over something. I work on it day in and day out for weeks or months at a time and then like a switch being flipped off my interest vanishes and I struggle to focus on doing even one more thing.

I then find myself obsessing about something new or something that I hadn’t touched in a few months. During the late winter, spring, and early summer of 2017 this obsession turned towards writing. I wrote and published three fiction novels as well as a small collection of short stories. Stephen King had always been an inspiration to me and I wanted to at one point in my life write a novel. There seemed like no better time than then to start writing. If any of you are interested in my books they can be purchased on Amazon either through the Kindle application or through paperback by clicking here.

When August of this year arrived and my last book was published I felt the need for refrigerant calling to me again, so I began writing again and then soon after the obsession came back. I had to write as many article as possible. I had to do as much as I could in as short as time as I could. This stint has lasted longer than my usual ones as I am still writing article after article even four months later.

RefrigerantHQ Statistics

Since there are only a few days left in 2017 I feel that I can report my yearly views now and not be too far off from the actual number. For 2017 I had 365,000 views for RefrigerantHQ. As you can guess my site is very seasonal and my absolute best month was in July with over 62,000 views in the month. My best day was in July as well with over 3,000 viewers. These winter months are much harder and it’s a struggle to break 1,000 views per day.

The good news is that these numbers have been going up and up with each year that RefrigerantHQ is around. In 2015 I ended the year at 63,000 views. In 2016 I ended the year with 196,000 views and in 2017, like I said above, I ended at 365,000 views. The growth is there and it’s only going to grow more. I have all of you to thank for these numbers and I can’t express how much I appreciate it the views as well as the feedback.

Looking Towards 2018

Let me be upfront about this right away. RefrigerantHQ is a hobby of mine. I work a full-time fifty hour a week job as an IT Consultant for a company based here in Kansas City. I work on this site if and when I have time in between my job, my kids, and my wife. Looking towards the future though I aim to make RefrigerantHQ a full-time opportunity for me and hopefully to others as well.

For the 2018 year my goal is to hit 750,000 views over the course of the year. I would love to hit 1,000,000 for the year but that may still be a bit of a stretch. We shall see how it goes and how much time I can dedicate. On top of that viewership goal I am also aiming to establish more relationships throughout the industry. I’m going to reach out and ask you all now that if you have any lead, news, or any information that you feel is worth writing an article on then please please send my way by visiting my contact page. Every lead that I get could lead to a great story so please don’t hesitate on sending some my way.

I mentioned above that my end goal is to make this site a full time opportunity. I plan to keep writing and writing throughout 2018. In order for this dream to be a reality I realize that writing itself isn’t going to cut it. I am going to need to network. I am going to need a build a list of contacts. I will need to begin to form partnerships through people and through organizations and companies.

For those of you reading this if you are interested in partnering with me rather it be advertising, consulting, guest posts, sponsored posts, or anything of the like please reach out so that we can work together. I am open to most anything and would love to hear your suggestions or opportunities.


Well folks that about sums it up. I hope that you and your family have a very safe Christmas as well as a Happy New Year. Here’s to good health and a prosperous 2018 for my business and for yours.

Thanks for reading,

Alec Johnson


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