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Hello ladies and gentlemen! I hope everyone is ready for Christmas. I don’t have an article to update everyone today but I do have something new that I wanted to share with all of you. I’ve had this idea in my head with the intention to implement it for years but I had never found the time to sit down and do it. Well folks, today is the day! I have created a community forum for RefrigerantHQ. Anyone can join, create topics, send replies, and answer questions. You can find the RefrigerantHQ forum in the main menu bar of the site or by clicking this link. Please note that you will have to register with the website in order to participate. When you click on the link you’ll see a ‘register’ button to click on to begin the process.

The goal of this new community forum is to provide a place for all people within the industry to go back and forth with each other. It could be shooting the breeze or answering a technical problem that someone is stuck on and that you know the answer on. While this was just built today I have high hopes for it and in order for it to be successful I need the support of my readers. As I write this I am the only member of the forum but I hope to see this grow!

Again, this is new so if you see something that isn’t working right or you just aren’t able to even make posts or replies please let me know. Lastly, if you feel that I am missing a large topic in the forum categories please contact me and I will get it added to the community.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a merry Christmas!

Alec Johnson


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